World war 1

By Jack Petruccelle

The Causes of the 1st world war

The main causes of world war 1 was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand who was heir to the hungarian empire, and also his wife Sophie. The assassination triggered the European countries to join with their alliances and the war was started. Germany and Austria-Hungary were on one side and russia, france and great Britain on the other. They fought to gain a bigger empire.

Australians at war

Australians involved at war

Australians were always loyal to their mother country Britain in so many ways, that they went to help them fight at war as they didn't want to fall under the control of the German colony. Australia needed to fight at war as they might also be under control of the Japanese who werent particularly happy with the white Australia policy.

Significant Aussie battles

The main Battles for the Aussies were mainly involved at the Western Front after the end of Gallipolin in 1915. The Australian soldiers first arrived at Gallipoli where they fought Turkish soldiers for a triangular piece of land.

Australians at home

The main affect the war had on Australians at home was the continuance of stress about the thought of becoming part of the German colony. Another impact of the war was the cancelation of trade from Austria-hungary and germany.

Significance of Anzac day

The significance Anzac day has on Australians is to honour the people who risked their lives to fight in the war. It is a day to show our Appreciation for the great soldiers who fought and died fighting for us.