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Cultural education also promotes further interest and helps discover talents among students. Thus some students may find their vocation in Indian Classical Dance and Music. If one wants to learn this important part of our Vedic culture one comes across countless disciplines, which enrich and refine the human personality and make it more and more divine.

Quote of the Week

“It was not a dance as such, it was an Adoration of God. Through the movements of her body she worshipped God. It has cosmic dimension. It affects the nature. The society profited, the nature profited, the whole cosmos profited. God is the aim of this dance.

“‘Rock and Roll’ does not give you happiness. It does not make you a Saint.

“This dance is an education in itself. It makes you happy. The rhythms of the Infinite are expressing themselves in this dance. If you want to see the real Bharatanatyam, go to Madras. There you will see, what this dance really is. But the soul of it lies in the hands of the Divine. Be a great devotee of the Divine and you will know all the secrets of this dance, all its metaphysics."

Swami Omkarananda

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We give a start to our new branch of classical dance institute in Deira, Dubai, near Fish Roundabout. We teach classical dances including

  • Bharatanatyam
  • Kathak
  • Kathakali
  • Kuchipudi
  • Manipuri
  • Mohiniyattam
  • Odissi
  • Sattriya

Odissi: An Indian Classical Dance Form

"All life is dance"

"All life is a dance. There are many forms of dance. The movement of the atoms is a dance. The universe is a dance. The entire cosmic manifestation is an extraordinary rhythm of dance. The divine rhythm has called the world into being. It is this rhythm that preserves the world and that guides it to the experience of perfection. The dance of the Divinity is step by step an unfoldment of creation."

H.D. Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati

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The classes are conducted every Tuesdays from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Registration can be done online in .

Gone are the days when dancing was pursued only as a hobby or a childhood passion.We all know how people today have made dancing a way of life because it comes with its own health benefits and it is an excellent way to remain fit! Today, people are taking up different forms of dancing as an interesting form of exercise.