Tech News & Notes - August 2017

Device Roll-Outs, Staffing and Projects


High School

Many students kept their devices over summer, so we are only scheduling two pick-up days this year.

Tuesday, August 22: 8am - 7pm

Wednesday, August 23: 8am - 3pm

Tuesday, August 29: 4pm - 8pm

New user sessions: as needed throughout the week.

Pick-up and repair each day.

  • Lecture hall pick-up.
  • Media center repair.

This is also when paperwork can be turned in and fees can be paid.

Tokata Learning Center

Wednesday, August 30th at open house 4-7pm.

Tuesday, September 5th during the school day.

Junior Highs

Wednesday, September 6: 9th grade roll-out: We will run teams at East & West during Science classes throughout the day to distribute MacBooks and provide orientation.

Thursday, September 7th: 7th & 8th grade: iPads distributed back to students during science period.

Pearson 6th Grade Center

Thursday, September 7th: Information Night

Monday, September 11, 4pm to 8pm: Roll-out to all teams (all students).

Tuesday, September 12: Remaining deployments.

Elementary 3rd-5th Grade Carts

First week of school: Verify student logins, all grades - visit Learning Commons to test and update passwords as needed.

Second week of school: Staggered roll-outs throughout buildings/grade levels, coordinated with DLCs and tech paras.

A few notes about 3rd-5th grade carts:

  • Carts were stocked over summer based on enrollment numbers we had at the time, and moved to the buildings. We will run updated enrollment numbers once school starts and adjust quantity of iPads in carts accordingly.
  • Devices should be left in cart until we schedule a time with each classroom for device set-up. We want students to enroll the device with their student account, which will make management of the device easier for everyone.

Also of note: All device cases are the same color because a new model of iPad came out and our preferred manufacturer had a very limited selection of colors. On the subject of headsets, we could not afford to fully stock every 3rd-5th classroom this year, but tech will be providing sets of 12 headsets for each classroom this year with the hope of providing additional headsets next year.

Additional Details

We need a signed "Digital Device Agreement & Insurance Form" from all students, signed by both the parent and student.

MacBook insurance rate remains at $75 for this year. iPad rate also remains at $25. Fees can be paid via check payable to Shakopee School District, or on-line via Infinite Campus.


Hiring not yet finished

We had 4 vacancies to fill (3 planned based on fully staffing elementary buildings rather than splitting staff between them, and one resignation). As of right now, we're halfway there.

Our resignation was Elle Blomquist, who had 25 years of outstanding service to Shakopee School District, and certainly saw immense changes from then until now. We wish her well.


High School Expansion

As the current phase of the expansion hastens to completion, there are a few tech projects still to be handled, most significantly:

  • Installation of networking equipment and wireless access points.
  • Phones.
  • Procurement and installation of classroom audio-visual systems, which will consist of a large screen display (75" TV), Apple TV, wall mounted HDMI and VGA input options, ceiling speakers and controls for the system.

Given our current timeline, networking and phones will be the first priority. Classroom A/V systems will be completed as quickly as possible.

RapidIdentity Account Portal

One major project over the summer was to put a system in place to automate the creation and management of user accounts. This was done with a vendor called Identity Automation, who has worked with a number of districts throughout the state. It was a long overdue project (having already been on the radar for almost 3 years). Most of the implementation has gone well, except for one portion that resulted in the e-mail password issue a couple weeks ago. We will be doing follow-up in September to finish up the system; part of that process will include a required password reset. In a few weeks we will send out a communication detailing next steps for everyone.

Other Summer Projects

  • K-8 Chromebook cart refresh and additional carts
  • Removal of media center/learning commons labs at K-5 and reclamation of lab space at 6th-9th grade for classrooms or additional learning commons spaces.