Endangered Species!

Want animals? Too bad.

Research Questions

  1. How can we help endangered animals in the wild?

  2. What do humans do to make animals endangered?

  3. What animal is endangered the most?

  4. How can we protect the endangered animals?

5. But why save endangered species?
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Summary of Research

Animals are becoming endangered almost everyday. And there are ways we can stop it! Stopping people from cutting down trees and destroying the wild. Make your home wild friendly. Picking up trash outside of your house. Lock your trash cans, so animals can’t get to stuff they can’t eat, slow down when driving. Humans do a percent of the harm to animals, Melissa Kaplan states, “We build homes, factories, shopping malls, etc, and the animals that were living there will leave and will usually find a new place to live. But animals will already be there and there won’t be enough food, shelter and water for all of the animals. A lot will die.” Some of the most endangered animals are the Amur Leopard, Hawksbill Turtle, South China Tiger, Black Footed Ferret and the Snow Leopard. But can we help protect the endangered animals? Yes! “What can be done to keep some of these creatures from going extinct? Actually, much can and is being done. For instance, the California condor, while still at dangerously low levels, has been snatched from the brink of extinction by captive breeding programs and stringent protective laws.” John D. Morris says. There are so many ways that mankind harm animals.


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