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Final Thoughts

Task Force members concluded that the group’s multiple discussion tended to revolve around three basic threads of thought and that these threads would be most productive to emphasize as COTE continues to develop. Moving forward in January 2015, It will be important for COTE leadership to:

1) Identify COTE stakeholders – who has an interest and how should they be connected to COTE decision making processes? Faculty, Staff, PSSA, Faculty Senate, Student Life, Humanities Council, Student Success, academic divisions and departments, etc…

2) Create and convene a COTE Council with representatives from all stakeholder groups. In the past, the Professional Development Steering Committee has functioned in this role – PD Steering can and should be further developed.

3) Coordinate some kind of mechanism for broad based input related to future offerings – the timing of this planning will be important.

In addition to summarizing the content of discussions with the three themes listed above, task force members also crafted a “working job description” to highlight skills and qualities that the incoming assistant dean might need.


Essential qualities of COTE leadership:

1) Demonstrates the ability to work with diverse groups.

2) Operates from a collaborative spirit.

3) Is open to new ideas.

4) Can handle competing ideas and bring people together even in the midst of varying visions

5) Convenes the Professional Development Steering Committee (as a Board of Advisors)

6) Convenes Faculty Staff Research Council (the campus think tank)

7) Coordinates TedX Tomball events as needed

8) Demonstrates leadership ability - is able to build a team and understands the importance of partnerships, is a motivator

9) Facilitates connections among various constituencies – is a connector, a maven, a networker

10) Works from a practical perspective – knows how and has the skills “to get things done.”

11) Intends to continuously improve – seeks continuous improvement for self and COTE.

12) Is an innovators with organizational and analytical skills; is a strategic thinker.

13) Can manage a diverse set of responsibilities

14) Has VISION – the ability to see the big picture.

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