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January 9, 2022

Principal's Update

Dear HMS Families,

Happy Sunday. It was so great to welcome back all our students this week and get a chance to check in and see and hear about their winter breaks. The buzz around the building and getting back into a routine was good for the soul, but I could definitely go without that alarm clock going off so early! As we kick off our first full week back to HMS, we do so with the re-addition of masks being required for all students and staff. I would be remiss if I did not address that I know there are frustrations and many emotions regarding the mask mandate being put back into place. However, I do know without a shadow of a doubt, that it has been and will continue to be our number one priority to keep the students and staff safe. Regardless of where the opinions may fall on this topic, I ask for your support with this to make sure that it does not become a divide in our building.

We want nothing more than to continue the strong and healthy partnership between HMS and Home. It is critical to our success. Therefore, I am hopeful that we can continue moving forward and hopefully see the end of this uncertain season soon. If you have questions, you are more than welcome to reach out. But, please know that the mask requirement is set and is clear for the time being and goes into place tomorrow.

In other are few of this week's highlights:

  • AVID Visits This Week - Mr. Chambers from Liberty North will be visiting our 8th graders this week during Social Studies classes to chat about the AVID program when students transition to High School. Info about AVID can be found below in the flyers.
  • Early Morning Drop Offs - Just a friendly reminder that the front doors do not open until 7:30 each morning. Please be respectful of the drop off time in the mornings if your child is a car rider. We do not have supervision in place earlier than that from our staff due to meetings and/or other areas supervision duties. We want to ensure students are safe and also dressed warm, especially in these frigid months ahead. If students will be waiting outside until doors open at 7:30, they need to be properly dressed in winter wear. Thank you for your support with this.
  • No Clubs This week - Clubs will return January 25th.

  • 1 Hour Early Release - This will begin again next Wednesdays, the 12th.


Dr. Allegri

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Mark Your Calendars!

January 17 -Martin Luther King Holiday Schools Closed

January 26 -Teacher Workday - Early Release

February 18 -Professional Development- Schools Closed

February 21 -President's Day - Schools Closed

March 2 -Teacher Workday - Early Release

March 10 - Early Release

March 11 -18 - Spring Break

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Worth Repeating...

What grades will I see reported out in Power School at the end of Semester 1?

  • If your child's teacher is doing traditional grading (ABCDF) then you will see a letter grade in PowerSchool for that course. If your child is a 6th grader, you have more than likely already seen some grades in PS because they have quarter long elective classes, and already reported out Q1 grades. If your child's teacher is grading using the PIN system, you will only see two possible grades - the P or the N. There will be no I at the end of the grading period.

What does a "P" really mean?

  • P signifies that progress was made and/or proficiency was reached for the skills that were assessed during this grading period. Check Canvas to see what level your child is progressing and review tracking sheets or other pieces of evidence.

Why won't I see an "I" on the grade card?

  • The rationale behind no "I" is that the end of the semester marks the end of particular course benchmarks. This is not to say students won't see standards spiral back through and be embedded in future projects next semester, but this marks the culmination of that learning until the second semester. So, when grades are reported out for students this semester, parents will only see N or a P.

What does an "N" really mean?

  • N signifies that the student did not show proficiency or progress in learning. This could be that the student did not turn in any work that would show evidence of learning or he/she turned it in but it was incorrect and the skills were not mastered. If your student has an N, there will be comments in the Power School as to why, and you would have already been made aware of this prior to grades coming out.

Where should I look for more information about how my child is doing?

  • While Power School will be there for final grade reporting, we continue to encourage you to use Canvas as your source of information on your child's progress. Look there to see tracking sheets and how the assignments your child is doing are tied to the learning outcomes.

How do these grades affect my child's ability to play sports in the second semester?

  • Any student with 2 or more N's will be ineligible to play sports 2nd semester.

Let us know if you have more specific questions about grades!

Viewing Grades in Canvas App
Understanding Student Performance in Canvas Browser

Inclement Weather Information

I will keep this information here as we make it through the winter months, in case you'd like to refer back to the expectations.

We wanted to share some information about inclement weather days at HMS. In the event of an inclement weather day, students will be able to access their assignments on Canvas. All assignments or Zoom information will be posted to Canvas by 8:00 am. Our goal is for learning to continue while students are at home. It is not our expectation, however, that students sit on the computer from 7:15-2:20. Learning activities should not take longer than 30 minutes per class to ensure that students have the opportunity to enjoy the day as well. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to reach out.

A reminder -- the first two snow days will be actual snow days, there will be NO EXPECTATIONS for class work completion. If there are any after the second snow day, then we will follow the plan above.

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Athletics Link

Please click the link below to read all about sports practices, games/meets, and coach and physical information.
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