Internet Safety Awareness

How To Be Safe Online

Don't post something you don't want others to see!

You may want some people to see a post but not others. If so, it's better to just send it to them than put it out on the web where everyone can see it.

Don't trust strangers on social media!

If you don' t know someone that has friend-ed you online do not friend them. If anyone asks ASL (Age-Sex-Location) do not trust them. They could be anyone from the age of 10-73 ;D.

Don't message random people you don't know

There are a lot of pedophiles around. The person your'e talking to every night that you met off Facebook a few weeks ago? He could be one or anyone else you talk to that you don't know could be.

Don't trust links you don't know

One of your friends may send you a link to something and you have no idea what it is. If that happens don't click on it until you are aware of what the website is.

Hope you found this helpful!

Good day to ya.