Modern Period

(1900 to 1950)


This was a time period was basically full of events such as reform movements, wars including World War I and World War II, political events, recession (financial struggles), rights, economic growth, new inventions, and cultural changes as well.

Historical background

Some of the events that occured in this time period include: The Holocaust: took place from 1938-1945 (Genocide of Jews in Germany) The Great Depression: stock market crashed in 1929, causing recession. This ended in 1934. World War 1: 1914-1918 World War 2: 1939- 1945. World war 1 was against the alloys and axles. (US, France, Britain, etc). World War Two began with an attack in Pearl Harbor.

Authors and titles

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Literature in the Modern Era

Some of the best literature was inspired by the events of the Modern Era. There are thousands of books discussing the heart wrenching events of the Holocaust. Some of these Authors include Eli Weisel (Night) Anne Frank (The Diary of Anne Frank). There are also several pieces that focus on Women's Rights, Black Rights, discrimination, economics, and personal conflict.