Don't be greedy, feed the needy

Thesis Statement

Together we can end world hunger.

Facts About World Hungrr

In 2010 an estimated 7.6 million children more that 20,000 dies a day. over a quarter of the worlds undernourished people live in sub-Saharan Africa.11.3 of the people on earth are hungry thats about 805 million people. The earth produces enough food to feed 7 billion people. All the people who die from hunger cant grow food or cant buy food. Poverty is the main cause of hunger.

How You Can Help

Food donations:Food donations would help because they would send food to people that are hungry.

Urban farming:1/4 of undernourished people live in urban areas,Urban families could gain control over their own food source

reduce poverty:Economic growth has long been seen as the key to reducing hunger. More trade, financial liberalization and open markets should aid the flow of food, of which there's no overall shortage. Successful poverty reduction in China has led some economists to predict there will be no more hungry people there by 2020.

Childhood hunger PSA
World Hunger Speech by Gabrielle LeRette
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