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The scientific name of the Sumatran Tiger is "PANTHERA TIGRIS SUMATRAE". The Sumatran Tiger has been only located in Indonesia since 1978. In 1978 the population was estimated to 1,000 Sumatran Tigers. Unfortunately, today they are labled as critically endangered and there are less than 400 left. They are the smallest surviving tigers. Male tigers rarely grow up to be 2.5 meters in length. They are also identified by their heavy black stripes on their orange coats.

Why They Are Endangered...

Even though human beings might not think much about the animals out in nature, like the Sumatran Tiger, they are doing much harm towards them.

For example:

- Farming

- Hunting


-Gathering of forest products

The habitat of the Sumatran Tiger has had a great loss. A lot of that was due to the fact to make space for farming, planting, and to build shelter. Between the years of 1985-1997 about 25,868 square miles of forest was lost.

The Sumatran Tiger are the smallest of their species.


- Currently we have organizations and local communities working with WWF (world wildlife fund) to rescue the Sumatran Tigers from extinction.

- The government of Indonesia is also helping! They have declared an important area (Tesso Nilo) as a national park. This declaration makes it so that the Sumatran Tigers have more protection.


The reward for helping save the adorable Sumatran Tiger is that they will help by keeping a healthy ecosystem. The ecosystems provide both nature and humans with fresh water, food, and health.