Library Lookout

December 18, 2014

Checkout Before Winter Break

Do your students need more books before winter break? Do your Battle readers want to check out a second Battle book?

The following times are available for individual students to checkout books:

FRIDAY, Dec 19

K-2 - 2:30-2:45

3-5 - 2:45-3:00


  • do not send more than 4 students at a time from your class
  • maximum of 4 books per student
  • students with overdues won't be able to checkout

Typing Agent

Please encourage your students to go on Typing Agent during winter break!

I posted the following announcement on my Canvas page:
Looking for something to keep busy over winter break? You can go on Typing Agent at home, too! The more you practice, the better you'll be. Mrs. Talbert can type 74 WPM (words per minute) with 97% accuracy! What about you?

MAP Testing

MAP testing begins the Tuesday we get back from break and will end Friday, January 16.

Fifth graders will be at Outdoor Education for three of the days, so they got first pick.

Please sign up using the google doc. Search for MAP Testing in your Google Drive, or use this link:

Accessing Student H:/ Drives

I've had a few teachers this year ask for access to student H:/ drives.

The only way to access it is through my computer and it's not easy to find students. However, if you would like to check on a student, please let me know and I'd be happy to investigate!

If you're hoping to go through their H:/ to grade their work, I highly recommend having them upload their work into Canvas or Google Drive.



Battery is Dead

PLEASE make sure students are plugging laptops in when they are returned to the cart!

Wireless is Off

How do you know?
1. Computer isn't letting anyone log on.
2. Computer isn't connecting to the internet. (This could also be due to the internet being down temporarily.)

1. Carts in Rm 106 and computer lab - between the backspace button and the screen
2. Rm 136 cart - on the front
3. Classroom Computers - on the side next to the power cord

Reporting Problems

Please bring any laptops with problems to the LMC. If we're not available to hear about the problem right away, please write it down and leave it with the computer.

Be specific! NOT WORKING does not help us fix the problem.

PLEASE report laptop problems to Anna Johnson and myself!

Highland LMC

We hope your winter break is full of laughter, good food, and plenty of amazing books!

Happy reading!
~Natalie and Lisa