By: Emme Lenahan


FLAG: Thailands flag has three colors Blue, Red, and White. The pattern is, Red, White, Blue, White, and Red.The Thailand flag is simular to the flag in Netherlands.


One tradition that Thailand has is called Children's Day. They celebrate Children's Day because children are an important part of Thailand. They celebrate it every January. Their parents take them/ the kids out to have fun. There are elephants that the kids can ride and pet. Some museums and amusement parks let the kids in for free or half off.Magha Puja is celebrated the last week of Febuary or in early March. That day, the people remember the events that took place during the Buddha's lifetime. They honor the Buddha and his teachings.
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In Thailand some of there food are rice, shrimp, pad Thai (pan - fried noodles), tom yam,( a salty, spicy, lemon flavored soup), and satay(barbecued meat on a stick with peanut sauce). Thai foods are usually spicy- hot from the curries, chillies, spices, and garlic that Thai cook with. Rice is often served with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many Thai, especially in the cities, eat out at restaurants. Thai versions of western favorites like, pizza, spaghetti, and steak are popular.


Buddhism(bood-his- em) Most people in Thailand are Buddist (93.6%), Muslim (4.9%), Christian(1.2%), Other(0.2%) None(0.1%)


Thailand's national anthem was adopted in 1939. The lyrics are by Luang Saranuparpan, the music is by Phra Chen- Duriyang. The National anthem is played twice a day on television and on the radio. When the national anthem is played everyone has to stop what there're doing and stand up.


People in Thailand speak Thai. The Thai alphabet has 44 letters. They write from left to right . There alphabet is divided into 3 groups, called low, middle, and high.


The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.There population is 67,976,405. Thailand has a lot of animals like elephants, monkeys, poisonis snakes, crocodiles, and lizards. Thailand is the third biggest country in South Asia. More then 67 million people live in Thailand. The people in Thailand are called Thai. Most people in Thailand live in villages.


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