Teaching with Primary Sources

by Angela Watson

Primary Sources: A Definition

The Library of Congress defines a primary sources as the raw stuff of history, original accounts of the time under study.

Primary sources can be documents, photos, art, voice recordings, and other types of media.

learn to use Primary Sources in Your Classroom!

The Library of Congress hosts several week long sessions during the summer where you learn, directly from LOC educators, how to use primary sources in your classroom. To apply to their PSTI go to www.loc.gov


How do I go to PSTI? Apply at www.loc.gov for one of the many summer sessions.

How much does it cost? It is free and they give you money for food. You just have to get to D.C and arrange lodging.

Who can go? generally PSTI is for serving teachers but pre-service teachers can apply.

Angela Watson

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about PSTI. it was a great expience and I encourage all teachers to apply!