Ament's Anchor

a weekly newsletter 10-28-13

A peek at our week...

Reading: We are heading south...down to Antarctica. We will begin our new novel study this week, Mr. Popper's Penguins. I am very excited to begin our study. Each week we will test vocabulary and story comprehension. The students are allowed to bring their books home at any time, and all tests will be open book. If you choose to take your book home, please just remember to return all books the next day to school.

* Vocab test Friday (words on Edmodo in Quizlet)

*Comprehension test Friday (chapter 1 - 4 open book)

Science: Our terrariums look great! Thanks to all of you who donated plants, rocks, gravel, and soil. They are alive and in our room thriving! The students had a great time making these. A special shout out to our room mom for helping make them :)

Math: We will be working in Topic 9 in the math textbook. This chapter deals with fact families and division/multiplication. I can't say it enough, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE your multiplication facts. The quicker you learn them, the easier your math life will be :) Remember, our first TIMED MULTIPLICATION test will be this Wednesday. Students have to pass all problems in 1 min and 30 sec. We will test on Topic 9 on Friday. Here is an awesome website for practicing math facts. Put a little note in your child's planner if you practiced on this site! They may be rewarded :)

Social Studies: We are continuing our study of the United States Regions! This week we will be in the Midwest region. They have a map in their red homework folder to study the region, as well as notes in their journals. Test over the Midwest Region will be Thursday or Friday. Please study and be prepared for the quiz!

Important Dates & Information

  • Health screening 10-29 @ 10:40
  • 1st quarter report cards 10-31-13
  • Fall Centers 10-31 @ 1:30 - 2:30
  • Veteran's Day 11-11-13

A few things to remember/special notes

  • Don't forget to practice FCAT Explorer and IXL at home. These are great resources to work on preparation for the FCAT test. Please make sure you are clicking on THIRD grade when you log into IXL.
  • Fall centers this week on Halloween Day! Remember, 3rd grade students are not permitted to dress up at school for Halloween. However, we will have fun at the end of our day. Thanks to all of you who have planned to come in and make this day special!

Resource Schedule for the week

Mon: Day 7: nothing

Tue: Day 8: Media

Wed: Day 1: PE

Thur: Day 2: Music

Fri: Day 3: nothing

Topic 9 information for parents

Dear Family,

Your child is using fact families to learn division facts. A fact family has

one or two multiplication facts and one or two division facts that use the

same three numbers. For example, the fact family for 5, 9, and 45 is:

Your child is learning to divide by the numbers 2 through 9 and to follow

rules for 0 and 1. Here are two activities to help your child practice division

and multiplication facts.

Fun with Fact Families

Step 1 Have Player 1 and Player 2 each pick a number from

1 through 9 and say the number aloud. For example,

Player 1 says “6” and Player 2 says “8.”

Step 2 Player 1 then says a multiplication fact that includes both

numbers. (6 × 8 = 48)

Step 3 Player 2 says a related division fact. (48 ÷ 6 = 8)

Step 4 Continue until the entire fact family has been used; then

start again.

Find the Missing Number

Materials paper, pencil

Step 1 Write a division sentence using a number from

1 to 9 as the divisor, but leave out one of the numbers.

For example: ________ ÷ 6 = 3.

Step 2 Ask your child to fill in the missing number. Encourage

your child to tell you how he or she solves the problem.