The Television

By: Bill Connolly, Hour 1

Impact of the Television

  • Only CBS, NBC and ABC were real "Networks"
  • Naturally, most programming was local.
  • The television eliminated the barriers of isolation because of its ability to reach all the way across the country.

Then and Now...

The television then was large, heavy with a small curved screen, had bad clarity and was only in black and white. Compared to the present day T.V. that are much larger, thiner lighter. and much more clear. some even have 3-D integrated into them. The television had spread to 9% of the population by 1950. 55% by 1954 and in 1960 almost 90% of Americans had a T.V. in there home.

My Reaction:

I think it is really crazy that in nearly 10 years it went from almost no one owing a T.V. to almost everybody having a T.V. I would have loved to have been the person to patten the Television. Most people today basically can't go without this invention. I think it is scary how much the T.V. has developed and how much of a impact it has on our life's.