Sequoia High School

Monday Focus

March 18-22 , 2019

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Peek at the Week

Monday: Late Start Monday PLC;

Tuesday: Bargaining Team negotiations; ALA Student Reviews; SILT/School Site Council.

Wednesday: Leaders of Learning; Principals Meeting; Breaking Barriers Meeting.

Thursday: Finals: Homeroom Presentations; Open House "Tacos Galacticos)

Friday: Finals; Admin Meeting, School Climate;


In 2012 we committed to an educational journey and in 2019 one of our many goals is being built.

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Anyone and everyone can make a difference

Principal's Corner

Sequoia High School had a very powerful week. With the official Groundbreaking Ceremony, we know that the groundbreaking started in 2012 when we committed ourselves to create and establish an amazing Sequoia High School. Bulldozers and excavators can move dirt and lay a pad to build on, but when committed educators are empowered by a strong vision and mission to change a traditional continuation school system and stigma, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. The photo we took holding the golden shovels filled me with a huge sense of pride, but more so knowing that we are breaking ground to another chapter that awaits to be told of the amazing student stories and the educational accomplishments we will make. The many dignitaries, community people, VUSD colleagues, students, and families that attended the Ground Breaking Ceremony was amazing and I was grateful for everyone who helped make this a very historical event. While there are still many months until the Grand Opening and the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, our work to create the best educational environment for the students we serve must stay the course. Key projects that we are working on are:

  • Homeroom
  • Sequoia STRONG (PBIS)
  • Graduation Rate
  • ICARE System
  • Academic Intervention Program
  • Edgenuity meeting the basic VUSD graduation requirements
  • SHS Familias y Salud/Families and Health parent support program
  • Implement two new elective courses
  • Each Department's goals for the rest of this year and planning for next
  • Restructure Attendance Accountability System
  • Staff Handbook
  • SHS Student-Centered Model
  • Having the best gang intervention and prevention model
  • Winning the Staff vs. Student Softball Game.
  • Career Fair and Scholarship Night
  • Summer Edgenuity opportunity program

Mrs. C continues to promote student scholarships, portfolios, Edgenuity, and academic support. She has also met with seniors who will not graduate this year and will need a 5th year. These students must review and agree to the terms and conditions to earn the 5th year. Mrs. C, Area Superintendent Sanchez, and I are working on the creation of a summer school Edgenuity program for 5th-year seniors and for next year seniors who are still far behind in credits. If all goes as planned we will be needing a summer school teacher to oversee this program. I will keep you all up to date.

Huge congratulations to Mr. Silva for working to get two new elective courses approved, Computer Programming and Business Math. Mr. Silva, Mrs. C, and Mr. Ludwig will be leading the work on modifying Edgenuity courses to meet the VUSD basic high school graduation requirements.

Child Care and Mrs. Tarango took a group of teen parents to Fresno for the Anual Teen Parenting Conference. The amazing thing about the event was a former Sequoia student was one of the presenters at the conference. Terry and Megan were beaming with pride as they told me the story.

A huge thank you to Coach Chapa for a successful basketball season. While we came up shy at the tournament, our players gave it their best. Also a huge thank you to Athletic Director Morton for his work in the league. A very acceptable and strong run program.

At Promise

"An institutional shift in redefining students from “at risk” to “at promise” is the first step in creating an academic self-concept in which students perceive their strengths, rather than their weaknesses, as their academic foundation"

Mr. Duarte engaging students in review and discussion of The Great Gatsby

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March 21st @ 6 pm Sequoia High School Open House

Teacher Corner

  • Staff Development: Focus is Homeroom, PBS, Edgenuity.
  • SILT and School Site Council will join together Tuesday. Make last class requests.
  • The Continuous Improvement Team of Garza, Hernandez, Coker, SIng, Cobarruvias, Reyes will Meet today 8-11 at the District Office.
  • The Goal this week is to have the Academic Intervention/Referral intervention referral document complete by SILT.
  • Submit all request for material and supplies this week (no promises)
  • Peer Observation and Department Development days still in progress.
  • Egenuity Training coming- be on the lookout. The plan is for each department to help dial the Edgenuity classes to basic high school requirements, but each department will identify the essential material and standards of core subject areas.
  • Departments start identifying your professional development plan for 2019-2020.

4th Annual Educational Forum

March 14th the TCHLN held the 4th Annual Educational Forum and the focus was on math and math practices. Our Math department of Mr. DeLaCruz, Mr. Chapa, and with Mr. Silva helped lead and facilitate some excellent roundtable discussions. It was a well-attended event with key educators and educational leaders throughout the county, including County SuperintendentTime Hire, VUSD Board members, Superintendent Oto. A Sequoia student, Isaac Hernandez, provided amazing guitar entertainment- thanks to Mr. DeLaCruz for motivating him to perform.
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Building Project Updates

Stay the Course

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Now that we all know the building of the new Sequoia High campus is official, our work is to stay the course and keep developing the most amazing continuation school in the country. Why aim low when we can aim for Marble Falls.

Sequoia High School

Adolfo Reyes, Principal

Josiah Silva, Assistant Principal

Salud Cobarruvias, Counselor

Emily Ramirez, Lead Administrative Assistant

Kelly Wasnick, School Psychologist

Theb Manivanh, Social Worker

Adriana Cabrera, XL Director

Kellen Kennedy, Gang/Behavior Interventionist

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