Cyrus The Great

by. Saray Navarrete, Jasmine Lopez, Sam Martin


  • He became king of Persis in 559 BCE after he defeated Astyages of Media in 550 BCE.
  • He released the Jews that had been held captive in Babylon in 539 BCE.
  • He added Lydia and Bactria to the Median empire in 547 BCE.

Role in Persian History

  • Cyrus the Great was the ruler of the first Persian empire, Achaemenid empire. He dethroned his overload Astyages of Media in 550 BCE, and he released the Jews from Babylon in 539 BCE.

Most Famous For

  • Cyrus the Great was a great leader, because he ruled mostly fairly and provided for his empire. He is probably most famous for releasing the Jewish people from Babylon.