Artificial Reefs!

By Kaylee Veazey

What is an Artificial Reef?

An artificial reef is usually made up of objects that can be found either near water (lighthouses, sunken boats, etc) or on land (bricks, cars, train cars, etc)

How do artificial reefs work?

At many beaches, the waves for surfing are poor because they do not break from one side to the other. To make the waves peel, the artificial reefs are set at an angle toward the incoming waves. They can also be used to take the animals off of the natural reefs making them more accessible to tourists, divers, and fishermen.
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How can I help?

You can even help by putting things like cinderblocks into the water. BE CAREFUL. Anything with paints, or anyother form of chemical can be harmful towards the fish and could potentially kill them. Also be cautious where you put things, ask around, find out where other reefs are!
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