Habit 1

Be Proactive

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Can you decide what picture is proactive and reactive?
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Being Proactive

Proactive- someone who is calm And doesn't blame other people for things they did

Reactive- a person who blames everything on everybody and thinks the world owes them something

Reactive language.

I'll try.

That's just the way I am.

There's nothing I can do.

I have to.

I can't.

You ruined my day.

Proactive language

I'll do it

I can do better then that

Lets look at all our options

I choose to

There's gotta be a way

I'm not gonna let your bad mood rub off on me

The victimitis virus- a virus that makes people believe that the world owes them something

It always pays to be proactive

We can control only one thing- how we respond to things that happen to us.

We have to turn setbacks into triumphs

Rising above abuse- we have to tell someone about abuse and not blame ourselves that is being reactive!

Havering a can-do attitude will build your proactive muscles.

Can-do people.

Take initiative to make it happen.

Think about problems and barriers.


No can-do

Wait for something to happen to them

Think about solutions and options

Are acted upon

Being able to push pause and think before you speak is part of the power tools to help in your life

You can make progress towards being proactive by taking baby steps towards it

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1. Give an example of being proactive.

2. What kind of attitude do you need to build your proactive muscles?

Say which sentence is proactive or reactive language.

3. I'll do it.

4. I'll try.

5. I can do better than that!