Westward Expansion:

The Effects on the Mormons

The Mormons

The Mormons are a religious group that is branched under Christianity, however they do not get their scriptures from the Bible. The Mormons follow the Book of Mormon, a religious scripture book centered around saints, angels, and Jesus Christ. This branch of Christianity differs from most other branches because it permits the practice of polygamy. Mormons believe that if God calls you to marry more than one person, then it should be permitted. They believe that God will always lead them in the right direction. Mormonism was created by Joseph Smith in the 1820s. Mormonism is also referred to as the Latter Day Saint Movement.

Why the Mormons Went West

The Mormons traveled to Utah to fulfill their religious beliefs and escape harassment from other Illinoisans. Many mobs broke out against the Mormons because other people did not agree with polygamy. Protestant and Catholic religions were the only accepted religions at the time.

Start of Expansion

Wednesday, Feb. 4th 1846 at 12pm

Nauvoo, Illinois

The Mormons started to go West on February 4, 1846.
A Modern Day Exodus - The Mormon Trail to Utah

End of Expansion

Monday, June 14th 1847 at 12pm

Salt Lake Valley, Utah

The first group of Mormons to travel West reached their destination on June 14, 1847.

The Mormon Battalion

The Mormons left most of their belongings in their hometowns before they took the Mormon Trail to Utah. They didn't have property of any sort when they got to Utah, and they didn't have money, either. The US government was willing to pay these Mormons, under one condition. They US had just declared war on Mexico, so the Mormons were paid to fight. The fighters became known as the Mormon Battalion.