Deerfield October Newsletter

October 1st -October 31st

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Calendar of Events

Oct 6-11

Bully Prevention Week

Oct. 7

4:30-5:30 Site Council Meeting

Oct 8

3:00-6:00 Fundraiser Pick-up

PTO Meeting 7:00-8:00pm

Oct 9

Deerfield Dine-Out @ Burrito King 7am-3am

Oct 10

3rd Grade to the Natural History Museum

Oct 14

Picture Retakes

Oct 15

Kindergarten to Pumpkin Patch

Oct 15

Music Program 1st Grade 6:30-7:30pm

Kona Ice (Parked in Deerfield Circle Dr.) 7:00pm- 8:30pm

Oct 17

District PD Day/NO SCHOOL

Oct 18

Elementary Plan Day/NO SCHOOL

Oct 21-25

Red Ribbon Week

Oct 21

4th & 5th Grade to Lied Center

Oct 22

3rd Grade to Lied Center

Oct 22

PTO Swim Night 5-8 pm

Oct 26

Trunk or Treat at Deerfield Park 3-4 pm

Oct 31

Fall Parties

*Please see Below for party times*

Nov 1

NO SCHOOL/ Record and Report


The district’s crisis plans include ALICE strategies for us in the event of an intruder. The ALICE acronym stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. ALICE uses technology and age-appropriate information and training to prepare staff and students to make informed decisions in a crisis to keep themselves and others safe from harm. More information about ALICE can be found here:

Picture Retakes Oct 14th

If you would like picture retakes they will be on October 14th. We will call students down by classroom that day. You do not need to turn anything in or notify the office. Please email the teacher or make sure your child knows the day of that they will be taking retakes.
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Note from the counselor:

Thanks so much for sharing your amazing students with me! This last month in our counseling lessons we have been doing mindfulness training. Students are stretching their mindful muscles by paying attention “on purpose.” All students should be able to show you the hand model for the brain and label the parts listed below. We explore together what happens when we have big emotions. Students have also practiced “core practice,” when we sit quietly and listen to a bell to refocus and quiet our brains.

Essential Questions:

How can we be more mindful?

How can we understand and control big emotions?


Brain stem—keeps body systems going

Amygdala (downstairs brain and “miggy”)

Hippocampus—stores names and memories

Pre-frontal cortex (smart part and wise owl)

Flipping your lid --when big emotions happen

Cortisol—the stress hormone that makes us feel cloudy

Deep breathing—how to put your lid back on

Check out these videos from the mindful institute to learn more:

Parts of the brain:

Core practice:

THANKS for your partnership!

Nicole Bobey, LSCSW

Deerfield Mental Health Professional

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Fall Party

KDG- 2:15-3:00

1st- 2:00-3:00

2nd- 2:00-3:00

3rd- 12:30-1:30

4th- 8:30-9:15

5th- 2:10-3:00

It is our goal each and every day to ensure the individual differences of our students are respected and our school practices are inclusive. In our effort to reach this goal, we continually evaluate our practices and procedures using a cultural and inclusive lens.

After staff discussion and input from our school site council, it has been determined that we will continue to host Fall Parties, but will save costumes for those who celebrate Halloween after school hours.


We will deliver messages to students for emergencies only. Please make after school plans prior to school. We cannot guarantee that non-emergency messages will be delivered. Also, please let your child know that if they ever forget their lunch from home, to ask their teacher to check with the office. We do our very best, but can't always make deliveries to classrooms due to unforeseen circumstances. Thank you!!

Also, if you are in the building after the 8:00 bell you must exit from the front of the building.


To help families navigate disability rights processes that can intersect in complicated ways with other federal laws, this Equity Tool is intended to introduce students and families to their rights in common scenarios, promote educational equity for students with disabilities, describe potential recourse or remedies for educational discrimination, and provide resources to enhance equity within schools.

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