Food service managers

managers are leaders


the career I chose was food service managers. The cluster this was in was Hospitality and tourism. I chose this career because I want to have my own restaurads also because my family runs their own services also because I want to be a good learder.

Training and Education

You will need a bachelors degree and will need no outher training

Work Environment

during this job you will be indoors working you will have a office and you will work individual. you will get 79% of freedom to make decisions.

Job Description

Your salary will be $46.77 hourly $97.270 annual. You will grow to 5% to 8%.Yes this job will be needed in the future. Because you would became a good leader. Your responsibilities would be formulating policies, managing daily operation, Planning the use of materials, human resources and restocking food.
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YES I still have a interest in this career because I love to have my own business and to make lots of money. Also because my family runs on doing there own business. Why because this is the job I would get as a grown up.