Chia Seed Lab

By Jacob and Roland


If we put three plants different distances away from a light source then the plant thsi is closest to the light will grow the most because it has the mos exposure to light, and the nutrients it gets from light.


1. Take three cups and fill them with 25 mg of dirt

2 Put one seed into each

3. Add 20 ml of water to each

4. Place the first cup 5 inches away from the light

5. Place the second cup 9 inches away from the light

6. Place the third cup 14 inches away from the light

7. Water every day and record data.


We looked into the topic of chia seeds and found that the seeds grow best in slightly sandy soils, or soil with clay in it. Also that the seeds cannot grow very well in particularly wet soils. We wanted to do this project because we knew that all plants need light to grow, and we wanted to see how much that really affects the growth.


None of our plants grew, we set up an extra experiment where we had 5 seeds in each cup and none of those seeds grew either.

Our purpose for doing this was to see the affect of light on plants growing

We had plants at different distances ( inches ) away from a light source to see which one would grow the most.

Here is a graph of our results:


We think that our plants didn't grow in the first trial because we didn't use enough seeds, and overall we suspect we put too much water in each cup. So we had no conclusive evidence to prove our hypothesis correct, or to show anything.

What We Learned.

We learned that the amount of water given to each plant was needed to be toned down, based on the fact, that the seeds weren't capable of germinating, and since we only used one seed, it brings down the chance of germination and growth. I believe if we used multiple seeds and less water we would've gotten more agreeable results.