Confessions of a Quadratic Function

Blind Dates

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My Future Husband and I Share An Equation...

I've Never Met ANY One As Great As Him!

We share SO much in common. Both of our intercepts are (0,0). We Increase on Interval: (0,0) for a>0; (-Infinity,0) for a<0 and we Decrease on Interval (-Infinity,0) for a>0; (0,+Infinity for a<0. We respect each others Symmetrics: y-axis. And our Relative Minimum is (a>0) while our Relative Maximum is (a<0).

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With the full copy you will learn about the Quadratic Functions past relationships, and her ups and downs, as well as her positive and negative fazes. You will also learn about her past lovers positives and negatives.

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