The Killer Wave

Upsetting Tsunamis in the US


Tsunamis can cause a death, damage, and some insurance problems. You are probably wondering "How do tsunamisform?" Well today I'm going to tell you all about tsunamis. Tsunamis can kill up to 250,000 people. Tsunamis are very dangerous if you ever get around them.

What actually is a tsunami?

Tsunamis are actually a very large wave that are really powerful. The waves of a tsunami grow as they reach the shore. Tsunamis cause a lot of damage like destroying homes, building, cities. Tsunamis rush inward flooding a lot of homes and cites.

How are tsunamis caused?

Have you ever wondered how tsunamis are caused? Tsunamis are actually caused by a displacement of water. In the ocean, when there is a big wave it is immediately moved. Tsunamis are caused by meteorites, glaciers breaking , earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. That is how tsunamis are caused.

When do tsunamis occur?

Tsunamis occur in large major bodies of water. You can find a lot of tsunamis in the Pacific Ocean. In this ocean you can find a lot of underwater earthquakes and volcanoes. Tsunamis can occur on long coastlines along the Pacific Ocean and the United States. These are the countries that are probably going to get destroyed by a tsunami.

Final Words

Isn't it amazing that tsunamis form from volcanic eruptions, earthquake, glaciers breaking, meteorites? I would have never thought that tsunamis in the Pacific Ocean would occur in underwater earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Since you have learned all about tsunamis then you know they are very dangerous. So now when you are trying to figure out where to go, you know not to go on the coastlines on the Pacific Ocean and the United States. Make sure you stay safe if you ever get in a tsunami.