Battle Of Marne

The Schlieffen Plan :Hailey Logan and Shalina Vance

On the banks of Marne, near Paris in France. September 5, 1914 - September 12, 1914

On September 6th of 1914 about 30 miles northwest of Paris on the banks of the Marne river the french 6th army was being attacked on opposing sides by the Germans first army. Beginning the first battle of Marne. 4 short years later from July 15th of 1918 till September 16, 1918 The Second Battle of Marne took place. This war resulted in absolutely nothing but casualties ,The french army lost 250,000 soldiers. The BEF ( British Expeditionary Force) suffered roughly 12,700 troop casualties. Germans army lost 220,000 casualties.

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things to do when visiting the site:

1.visit the Eiffel tower

2.the Paris pantheon which is a religious church turned into a resting place of Frances famous people

3.palace of Versailles

4.Sainte Chapelle is a awesome beautiful church to go to worship

The best 2 museums to visit in Paris is the Louvre and national museum of modern art at the Centre Pompidou

the spring time is a awesome time to go to Paris because their is hot and you can get to places

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Alexander Von Kluck personal storie about the battle of Marne

German General Alexander von Kluck was the scapegoat for Germany retreating during the battle of Marne. Alexander said that the decision to retreat was actually made by German Army's central command, because the Germans lost the battle of Marne on September 9th,1914,it stopped the Germans from moving forward. This caused Trench warfare to begin. Kluck was wounded in 1915,and retired. Then he wrote a book telling his side of the story.
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Ferdinand Foch

French Commander
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John French

German officer commanding
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