How might have the green crab

Gotten to Canada? By: Lauryn

What is a green crab?

A green crab is a crab that is the colour yellow orange and green just because it's name is the "green crab" does not mean it is always is green. The green crab is one out of the 100 worst invasive species in the world. The green crab may look small but these little 2-4 inch crab can eat up to 40 small prey a day and when they pinch it hurts--OUCH

How it got to Canada

The green crab has gone through ocean currents and has

hitched rides on the bottom of ships and boats.

Here are some pictures of The European green crab

European green crab

Why are we concerned?

We are concerned because the warming of the ocean temperatures

have allowed the green crabs to go farther north along the north

American costlines and they are also eating are local stores sea-food.

Where did the green crabs first come from and where are they now?

The green crab first came from the North Atlantic coast of Europe

and North Africa. The European green crabs were first found in Canadian

waters in 1951 in the southwest New Brunswick and now expanded to other

locations in Atlantic Canada.


Matting will start when the female has sed her shell. They will start to reach maturity

at a age like two to three years old.


The green crab likes/enjoys to eat manny

different food that includes

Clams,oysters,mussels and other small stuff.

Thanks for listening to my presentation on green crabs!!!