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October 11, 2020

Dear Parents and Community of Cooper Mountain,

This week is BSD's first Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness campaign. This effort came from the Adi's Act mandate to provide direct instruction on mental health/suicide prevention to all students, in addition to the unprecedented vulnerability of our students and our staff during these challenging times. While elementary counselors and coaches have been delivering SEL on Wednesdays that mostly fit this requirement, we have added specific lessons from the Harmony curriculum for teachers to deliver during the week, which focus on identifying and navigating feelings. Most teachers will choose one lesson to discuss during a morning meeting this week. Please note: the focus will be on identifying feelings and will not use suicidal terminology at the elementary level.

As always, continue to reach out with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful week.

With gratitude,


Ali Montelongo


Cooper Mountain Elementary

Cooper Mountain Library News

Curbside Book Pickup a Big Hit!

Hats off to our Cooper Mountain readers! Can you believe we checked out 463 books in one hour at our first Curbside Book Pickup? WOW! Keep reading and join us weekly for more book bundle check outs on Wednesdays from 3:00 – 4:00. Book returns are also encouraged. For more information on our Curbside Book Pickup, please see the attached flyer.

The Cooper Mountain Book Bus is Here!

We are adding another fabulous opportunity for you to check out our Cooper Mountain library book bundles! Look for Mrs. Paul in your neighborhood, as she rides the Cooper Mountain Book Bus on Thursdays! The Book Bus will allow you to check out our book bundles at three different bus stop locations in our school neighborhood. Book bundles will be organized like our Curbside Pickup. However, staff will remain on the bus. Library books may also be returned at bus stops. Our Cooper Mountain Book Bus starts this Thursday! Please see the attached flyer for more information on bus stop locations and times.

PTO Corner

Cougar Run

We are excited to announce that due to all of your hard work with fundraising for our Cougar (Virtual) Run we have raised just over $19,000 in net proceeds for our school! Thank you once again for participating in this annual event. Please consider attending our PTO general meetings to help us determine where these monies should be spent for our school.

Cougar Companions

We know that we have new families to Cooper Mountain and there are also additional challenges to adapting to remote learning. We would love to help our CM families feel connected to our community during CDL by matching up families who can help each other as a resource. If you are willing to welcome or assist a family this year or if you need help with a particular topic please complete this short survey. We will connect families in the coming weeks!

Dining For $

Our next Dining 4$ is coming up soon. It will be at CHIPOTLE located at 14795 SW Murray Scholls Dr Ste 112 on Tuesday, October 20th. Please join us for this great fundraiser for our school. Chipotle will generously donate 33% to our school. Be sure to bring in the flyer, show it on your Smartphone or tell the cashier you’re supporting Cooper Mountain Elementary. Online orders count too! See the attached flyer for more details.

More info can also be found on our website at


This Wednesday, 10/14, will be our first cooper mountain car parade of the year. We are excited to drive the attached route and see many students and families.

The staff will be leaving the CM Parking lot no later than 5:20pm to begin the route. You may even get to see the Cougar in the parade!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

Nurse News

October 2020

Do you have concerns about the amount of screen time your child is accessing each day during comprehensive distance learning? It used to be that doctors recommended strict guidelines on how much screen time was too much for a given age. New guidelines issued this year by the American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes, especially with distance learning, that screen time can be useful and beneficial if balanced with non-screen time. When deciding how to develop your family’s screen time plan outside of distance learning it’s important to keep these tips in mind:

1. Modeling healthy limits and behaviors with screens is important. Create family non-screen times such as during meals, 30-60 minutes before bed, or other family times.

2. Make a point to engage in non-screen activities together such as reading, exercising, talking to each other, or playing games.

3. Engage with your child and their technology by asking questions about what they’re doing, why they enjoy it, what they’re learning, or maybe participate together in the electronic activity or game.

4. Media and content online can be positive and negative, use parental controls and know what your child is watching so that your child has a positive experience.

5. Create reasonable time limits for screen time as a family by encouraging your child to help determine how much daily screen time is enough, then stick to it.

6. Try not to let your children have unlimited screen time over the weekends or school breaks, continue to stick to your screen time plan even during unstructured times.

7. Social media can be an important way for adolescents to engage and interact with peers and our society. Having a conversation with them about healthy boundaries online, unrealistic norms, and how their feelings may be influenced by what they are seeing is a good way to connect and support your adolescent.

For more information about screen time effects, and resources for creating a screen time plan please visit:

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

American Academy of Pediatrics: Create your family media plan

Greater Good Science Center: Risks of too much screen time for teens

Reference: Morin, A. (2020). How much should you limit kids’ screen time and electronics use: The American Academy of Pediatrics’ screen time guidelines. Verywell Family.

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