Drive for Jude's 20% Project

Melia Curielli and Julianne Herrera


This project made an impact on us because we realized that kids are struggling in, no not the "to much homework" kind, but children with cancer in the hospital that want something else to focus on instead of being sick. Both of us had motivation to collect to eventually bring it there. It gave us communication skills while collecting these items from discussing why we wanted to do this drive and what we need to collect. By doing this project we learned a lot about the hospital. It impacted others because while they thought they were just getting rid of old books they never use, they were actually helping many sick kids that will love and appreciate their donations.

Why drive for jude's?

We chose to do this project because we wanted to actually help other people and by doing this project we did. St Jude's is one of the biggest children's hospital. When we were offered to make our own project we both thought that some kind of drive would be the perfect choice. We decided books and toys because it is easy to find people with old toys and books from when they were younger and almost every house hold has books.


  • St. Jude's is a leading children's hospital pioneering research and treatments for kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.
  • founded by the late comedian Danny Thomas
  • Opened in February 4,1962
  • Considered one of the top children’s cancer care hospital in the nation, about 7,800 children visit annually, with about 260 patients treated each day.
  • The truly amazing thing is that no family ever has to pay a dime to St. Jude for anything. That’s because the hospital is supported by public contributions, with nearly 81 cents of every dollar donated going directly to research and treatment. That’s no small feat considering it costs $1.8 million each day to keep the facility running.

Most important part

The most important part of this project was collecting and finding people willing to donate for this cause. We feel like we really are making a difference in these kids' lives. We hope that these items will bring as much joy to them as we did collecting them.
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