Come to the great Texas!

A brand new life

Texas is the place for you to start over if you are having problems where you are living . The soil is fresh with smell. The sight of open range is unforgettable. The land is great for farming and ranching. The weather is perfect for farming. There is decent rainfall for your crops. Even your family and slaves can come and live with you. The more people you have with you the more land you get! But you can only have slaves you already own before coming to Texas. You cannot trade slaves in the colonies.

The cheap land

Empresarios are selling their land for only 12.5 cents. If you are a married couple you will get more land. The people you have the land you get. All of this for just 12.5 cents. This is a better price than in the United States. You get more land here than in the United States! You will get some land for farming and some land for ranching.