Never PrtScn Again


An Useful Web 2.0 Tool for Educators

In an effort to meet the needs of all learning styles, I have a PowerPoint presentation that accompanies all of my lectures and activities. In my new collegiate course, daily, I am using news articles and video clips to make the lesson more relevant for my students. Recently, in my online technology course, I learned about the SnipIt tool which allows me to grab, copy, and paste materials. This was heaven sent as I only knew how to PrtScn. Now, as if it could get any better, I have been introduced to SnagIt. SnagIt is SnipIt brought to another level!
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More than Just Text

As described by the company above, SnagIt allows you to grab more than just text (thanks SnipIt). SnagIt allows you to do much more such as grabbing images and videos as well as adding effects. And, in the world of teaching, where we like to "steal" from each other, SnagIt also allows the user to share their content with others. This is one Web 2.0 tool that anyone can use to enhance presentations. More importantly, the interface is so easy to navigate that you can incorporate SnagIt today!

Click below for a quick video on how simple it is to use SnagIt.

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