This is Not My Hat

By: Anna McGibany

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Why did I choose this book?

This is Not My Hat is a wonderful book for children! It has large type and was simple. If I was a parent I would love to read this book to my children! It also is very funny! It even made me laugh! This book teaches the importance of NOT stealing. Hiding and running away ( or swimming! ;) :) ) doesn't mean you won't get caught!

This is Not My Hat - - Jon Kassen

About the Author

Jon Klassen is the author and illustrator! Jon Klassen was born in 1981 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He grew up in Niagara, Falls! So COOL! Jon studied animation at Sheridan College. He recently graduated in 2005 and then moved to Los Angeles. He then got a job as an animation worker for Kung Fu Panda and Coraline. His book This Is Not My Hat was awarded in 2013. The author's purpose for this book is to entertain you and to teach kids that stealing is bad! This book won the Caldecott Award because of it's colorful but simple pictures. Also, it had very easy to read words! Perfect for kids! It was so funny!

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Comparing to "Where the Wild Things Are"

The book Where the Wild Things Are is very different from the book This is Not My Hat. Where the Wild Things Are pictures are a lot more detailed than This is Not My Hat pictures. Also it doesn't teach you a lesson. It describe's a kid's imagination. Unlike that, This is Not My Hat talks about a little fish with big thoughts.

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THis Is Not My Hat