Apollo 4

The Unmanned Space Mission

Why is it called Apollo?

The famous space mission Apollo was named by Dr. Silverstein. He believes he chose the name after reading a book of mythology. He thought that the image of Apollo riding his chariot across the Sun was fitting because of the project.

The Apollo Launch

Thursday, Nov. 9th 1967 at 7am-3:30pm

John F. Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39-A Eastern Test Range, Cape Canaveral FL

The Apollo 4 mission was a success ending in the crash of the unmanned shuttle in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

Where was Apollo 4 destined to go and what was its purpose?

Apollo 4 was never meant to anywhere but up, into through a few layers of the atmosphere. It was used to check whether or not the spacecraft could withstand the heat of leaving to atmosphere. It also tested the launch codes, emergency detection systems and the propulsion systems.

Major Accomplishments of Apollo 4

The first major accomplishment was that the things it was testing were a success. The hull stayed intact.