Planet Ixtilis

Sammie Morris

Habitable Conditions

When designing a planet, I found the following conditions able to hold life as a main species...

Red Giant:

Orbit: 5.2 AU

Planet Mass: 3

Volcanoes, plate movement, liquid water, and producers: yes

Moons that revolve Ixtilis

There are 3 moons that revolve Ixtilis. 2 are visible on the planet but the other is too small.


This is the most visible moon and has the strongest gravitational pull. It has a weight of 0.9 and causes 4 tides each day. There are 2 high tides and 2 low tides. These tides occur at 6am, 6pm, 12am and 12pm.


This is the smallest moon and is not visible from the planet. It has no effect on Ixtilis and has a weight of 0.4, it just revolves.


This moon is also visible but is on the opposite side of the planet. It weighs around 0.6 and doesn't have a big enough impact so the tides that are created are not nearly as strong as Brim's effect. It only causes 1 tide a day and that is a low tide, around 7pm.

Axial Tilt

The axial tilt is about 45 degrees, the seasons are the same as earths but the only difference is that the temperature is more dramatic or drastic.

Gravity's Effect

Ixtilis has a planet mass of 3, but gravity still isn't as strong as Earth's. So quite literally, you have a spring to your step. You weigh 5 pounds less on this planet.