What is Medicinal Marijuana?

*Prohibit or Legalize?*

Medicinal Marijuana and How It Can Help

Marijuana, according to the the National Institute for Drug Abuse, is the leaves and flowers of a plant known as Cannabis sativa ("What is...").Marijuana has less harmful side effects than alcohol and even tobacco and in many instances is said to help the user. While there is big controversy over whether marijuana is safe, it does contribute to less deaths than both alcohol and tobacco. Patients may receive a prescription to purchase and use this substance is they have one of the following symptoms: Arthritis, Bulimia, Anorexia, Alzheimer's Disease, Chronic Pain, Hep. C, Schizophrenia, Lymphoma, Persistent Insomnia and many others ("Illnesses Treatable"). According to most doctors, marijuana is a drug that relaxes the user; however there has been much controversy between the two political parties on whether to make this drug legal for Medicinal Uses

Demographics and Marijuana

When speaking on the legalization of marijuana, individuals tend to be grouped into political parties based on their opinion and beliefs of how the drug should be treated. Age groups, gender, race, and political are all factors that can impact an individual on the support or resistance of the drug ("Political Issue")). Younger people (18-29), males, Whites, and liberals all tend to sway to the legalization, while older individuals (30+), females, Hispanics, and conservatives tend to sway to the prohibition of the drug (Hinckley, Story).

Laws and Penalties of Medicinal Marijuana in Illinois

Medicinal Marijuana has been legalized in Illinois since it's signing in 2013 ("NORML"). Many of the same symptoms from above still apply in Illinois, with restrictions to a few. Illinois lawmakers have been generous to allow the legalization of cannabis and cannabis products. They give individuals with the specified conditions the right to purchase up to 2 1/2 ounces every 14 day period. This is around 5 ounces a month, and 60 ounces a year. Home cultivation is currently not legal in Illinois due to taxation of the substance. Currently there are an estimated number of around 2,800 patients in Illinois that use medicinal marijuana.