Bulldog Brief

We are Wylie Magic! 9/9/16

Congratulations on our Distinction!!

We will be recognized at the school board meeting tomorrow night for our campus distinction. If you are available, I would love for you to join me for the celebration and recognition. The board meeting begins at 7:00. The distinctions are usually toward the beginning and you can slip out just afterward. :)

Winn's World

+Mapping your Future Monday's will start September 19. I will put a flyer in your box. If you have any questions please let me know! Your grade level Wylie Way rep will also have information.

Please let me know if you need any of the following:

School Supplies

Students that may need help with a house shirt or college shirt

+If you know of a student that would benefit from a divorce group please let me know. They are starting a new session of Kids In Divorce at North Pointe Church on Wednesday's at 6:30 with dinner provided. It is free and I have heard great things about it!!

+Day of Hope is Coming.....Please let me know if you have any questions. I will place sticky notes and your foldables in your boxes the Day before.

Unity Day t-shirt ordering!

Unity Day is fast approaching! (October 19!) They are ordering t-shirts again for those who missed it last year! **IT IS THE SAME SHIRT as last year!!** Last year the ordering window was super-duper short, so we are trying to stay ahead of the game this year and allow people the opportunity to begin ordering NOW. :) So! Remember these points:

A) it’s totally optional! You can wear any orange shirt on Unity Day!

B)you can order directly on the website

C) shirts will be delivered to your campuses Friday, October 14 so they can be distributed before the actual day

D) last day to order is Oct. 12!

Here is the link http://www.sandlotapparel.com/ to share! A picture is attached!

You are all a blessing!!

Celebrations and Tidbits

  • Our first Wylie Way day was a huge success. I loved hearing from so many of you about the enjoyment these days bring to focus on relationships with your students. From our last staff meeting, remember the suggestion of taking 5 minutes to make someone's day magical. This not only makes their day, but it keeps you motivated/encouraged as well. These are the moments that got us all into teaching!
  • Our #HOPE picture is almost ready!! I will share as soon as she is able to finalize the photo! So exciting!
  • I love seeing classrooms using a variety of tools to communicate with other campuses in Wylie and across the nation. If you think about it, please let me know when you will be skyping with others. I would love to come visit and see the magic!
  • We have been asked to please remind employees that tattoos must be covered up when at school. They have seen a few uncovered tattoos on campuses and wanted to send a reminder to all staff about the district dress code.
  • I have a few more fire inspector conversations - I promise to get those communicated this week.

Snack Attach Schedule - All on one link :)

The very talented Lee Hattaway created an awesome S’more flyer with all of elementary after school PD for the year! This is the PD that is offered from the Learning Specialists. Teachers get credit in workshop for all after school PD that they register for and attend.


Please note - #edtech PD isn’t on here because it is determined monthly.

A few reminders from the curriculum team about assessments. . .

All students that will take STAAR, STAAR A, or STAAR L should take unit assessments. They need to be provided (as closely as possible) the same accommodations that they will receive on STAAR.

The only students that will not take unit assessments are students scheduled to take STAAR Alt 2. Occasionally, you have a student move in who speaks no English, please contact Maria Morales if you feel that they need an exception to testing. She will visit with Jamie and myself and we will seek advice from our special services team regarding this situation.

On another note, because this data is valuable, we need students to take make-up tests if they are absent on the scheduled testing day. Jamie will be working with you to ensure every student has data for every assessment.

MAP Makeups

Please see Jamie if you need help with MAP make up testing. She will work with your schedule and available staff to help determine an appropriate make up time and schedule for your students. Thank you!

House Updates

House Inductions went great! Thank you to everyone for helping encourage a celebratory atmosphere! We have added our "new to Smith" students to the Mini House Roster. Please take a minute to verify that ALL of you sweet students are on the Mini House roster. Email Jamie with names/house of students that are not listed on this roster.


On the Calendar

9/19 - Mapping your future Monday

9/21 - Day with Teddi - all grades PLC times

9/21 - 4th grade New to Smith breakfast with Winn, Morton, and Fletcher

9/23 - House Meetings

9/23 - Mother/Son game night

9/26 - 9/30 - Sock'tember Sock and Undies Drive

9/26 - Crazy Sock Day

9/26 - WW Committee Meeting

9/27 - Austin Field Trip Parent meeting

9/28 - Reading MAP reports - training for all during grade level PLC meetings

9/29 - Score writing during all grade level PLCs

9/30 - Bulldog Boogie

10/3 - Staff Meeting