Learning about Science

characteristics of living and organic compounds

Characteristics of living things

characteristics of living things include: cells,energy,homeostasis,interdependence,heredity,and evolution.Cells are in every living thing Ex: dogs,plants,humans etc. . Energy is like a bee getting nectar from a flower for food so that it can fly.Homeostasis is ahving more than one part of your body working together to do something like: sneezing,coughing etc. . Interdependence is basically like a bee or a bird depending on flowers to give them food. Heredity is passing of traits Ex: a bee passing its traits to another bee to make a new bee. Evolution is something that takes along period of time Ex: a hummingbird learnig how to fly backwards. That is all the characteristics of living.

organic compounds

Organic compounds

organic compounds include: Lipids,Carbohydrates,Proteins,Nucleic Acids. Lipids are basically the fats that you eat Ex: potato chips. Carbohydrates is like drinking water and gadorade. Proteins are needed in your body if you dont have them your organs woudnt function right. Nucleic Acids are basically like your DNA and RNA. thats all for organic compounds.