Worst Bank Ever

Come bank with us.

Our bank has the lowest interest rates on our checking accounts

Our interest rates are always going down last year they were .0000000000000001% but now they are .000000000000000000001% so, the best time to join is now.

We have lots of fees

We charge ATM fees in the hundreds of dollars, about $300, to use our own ATMs. if you try to use another ATM the fee will be $2347. we offer no overdraft protection and charges of $400 that doubles each hour more money is not put in. the accounts also have inactivity charges of only $500 if the account isn't used daily! there is a charge of $276/month to use online banking and a charge of only $972/month to get monthly paper statements. We also have lots of other fees if you join our bank such as a Door fee of $92.27 every time you walk in our bank. A check fee of $45.99 for each check made, used, and cashed. We also have a Debit card fee of only $99.99 per cent spent with it and a base fee of $762 a month. We offer no FDIC insurance and guarantee that if you have any money leftover at the end of the month that it will be taken in fees.

We also offer loans

If you would like to get a loan you can call us and be put on a waiting list for an appointment at our branch in Saudi Arabia for 127 weeks and if you are accepted the interest rate is only 9999999% compounded daily. if you do happen to miss the appointment you can just call again to be put back on the list but you will be charged $466.92 for missing the appointment.

We have 2 physical locations

We are located in Saudi Arabia and also somewhere in Eastern Russia
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