Feb. 27, 2020

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Character Spirit Day - 2/21/20

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Dates to Know:

  • Feb 28 (Fri.) 6:00PM - STEAM Expo
  • March 5 (Thurs.) 6:00PM - 2nd/3rd Grade Musical
  • March 10 (Tues.) - 5th Grade "Walk Through The Revolution"
  • March 14 (Sat.) - HSF Ballers Gala (Sale ends March 1st) - Click Here
  • March 16 (Mon.) 8:45AM - Coffee with Superintendent Carlomagno @ West
  • March 26 (Thurs.) 6:30PM - West Variety Show
  • March 27 (Fri.) 8:45AM - West Parent Meeting with Soul Shoppe (Intended for all!)


Message from President Shelby

Hey Wildcats!
The teachers and staff at West never fail to amaze me with how well they know our children and how much they truly care about each one of them. I just wanted to thank Mrs. Mata, our school staff and the amazing classroom teachers that all work together to make conference week so successful. Its such a great way for us to pause and take a look at how far our children have come this year, and take a look at where they want to be in the next few months. Conferences also remind me of just how many things go on inside the classroom and the astounding amount of work our teachers place into teaching our children at all levels across the curriculum.

I am also so grateful that we have a district and foundation like HSF that brings learning to a higher level for all our children through innovative tools and materials, staff development, teacher support, etc. This brings me back to thanking all of our West School families for the support that you continuously give throughout the year. On this note, I hope that you will all join me and many others in supporting HSF with a super fun night out at the Ballers' Gala on Saturday, March 14th.

Don''t hesitate if this is your first year at West or have yet to attend a school event. Grab some friends and get your cocktail attire one to join all the amazing West families and live it up at Levi's Stadium (home of the SF 49ers). You can’t go wrong with the premier venue, delicious food, unlimited open bar option, incredible live auction, and dancing with my favorite local legend DJ J. Espinosa! I hope to see you all there. You can find me on the dance floor!

West is Best!
Shelby Van Doren


Everyone's invited to the STEAM Expo! (TOMORROW!)

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More than 80 (eighty) 2nd-5th graders are hard at work on the STEAM projects for West's 2nd Annual STEAM Expo!

Friday, Feb. 28 from 6-7:30PM in the MPR, students will show off their projects to friends and family. Anyone can visit the Expo, so please mark your calendar, and get ready to be wowed by the scientific endeavors of our wildcats!


2nd/3rd Grade Musical (March 5)

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Help out the Green Team with ChoiceLunch

In the month of March, Choicelunch has offered to donate $0.15 for each student lunch purchased (for up to $500) to the Green Team. The Green Team Reps will decide how to use the funds -- either for a celebratory event on earth day or for supplies to continue their reducing/recycling efforts on campus.


Save the date - Soul Shoppe Education for All West Parents (March 27)

When: Friday, March 27th at 8:45AM

Location: West MPR

Soul Shoppe has already been visiting West School and providing our teachers and children with some amazing tools for social emotional learning related to self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, positive problem-solving, responsible decision-making and goal-setting.

Soul Shoppe Parent Education will be on-site immediately following out next West Parent Group Meeting to share these tools and some very effective secret parenting tips to use at home to support what children are learning at school. Some topics that may be addressed are:

  • Why kids bully, tease and take feelings out on each other, and how to help them stop themselves and help each other.
  • How to solve conflicts at home respectfully and effectively.
  • Simple things you can do each day to help your children behave better and feel more connected to you.
  • How to reinforce positive lessons your child is learning in Soul Shoppe at home.
  • Basics for having more powerful relationships with your spouse/partner, children, boss, peers, friends... Everyone!

We hope you will join us and help our children put what the learn at school into practice in their community.


Check out our new school Webpage


Join next year's West Parent Board

The WPG Executive Board is looking for parents who are enthusiastic about our school, who have creative and innovative ideas, who will help continue to build our community and keep West parents engaged and informed, and who want to maximize the education of our West students through enriching programs and citizenship building experiences. Really, if you are reading this… we want YOU!

The following positions will be open:
Vice President, Secretary, Communications Chair, Trustee Rep, Events Chair, Volunteer Chair and Allocations Chair

Please contact WPG President Shelby Van Doren (shelbyvandoren@gmail.com) if you are interested in any of the position or have any questions!


West Pre-School/Pre-K Registration Now Open!

Preschool class is 8:30-11:00 Monday - Friday

Lead teacher Becca Knops rknops@hcsdk8.org

Enrollment Gina Elmore gelmore@hcsdk8.org


West School Library Announcements


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Save the Date to Celebrate our 2019-2020 Hillsborough Schools' Award Recipients!

Thursday, April 16th, 5:30pm at Hillsborough Town Hall

· Citizen of the Year -- Harini Krishnan

· Community Care Award – Kristi Shreve


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Crocker Transition Coffee for 5th Grade Families of Special Learners

When: Thursday, March 19, 8:45 a.m. - 10 a.m.

Where: Crocker Library

RSVP: Brenda Tsiang

Mark your calendar! The Crocker staff and RISE/Special Kids Parent Group invite all 5th grade parents of children with an IEP/504 plan to the upcoming Crocker Transition Coffee.

Whether your 5th grader has an existing IEP or a 504 plan or you think your child might be eligible, please plan on attending. We will review Crocker’s various programs and help you plan for the successful transition into middle school.


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*And don’t sweat the ride...there’s no traffic in the off-season. Hillsborough to Levi Stadium is only 30 minutes.


Community & District News

Hillsborough Recreation Spring/Summer 2020

The Spring/Summer 2020 registration is now open - take a peek at our upcoming classes in our catalog and register now!


Does your child enjoy riding a bike? Being outside during the long summer days?

If so, you might consider enrolling your child in Bay Area Nature Camp

Week 1, June 15th-19th

Week 2, June 22nd-26th

Week 3, July 6th-10th

Week 4, July 13th-17th