Nuclear Fusion Press Release

May 5, 2015

Hello Citizens

We are here to celebrate that we have unlocked the secret to using nuclear fusion as an energy source. I discovered this with the help of the Scientist Dr. Smith at our laboratory in Washington DC. After, I received my doctoral degree I put all my dedication to find a new energy source. Using nuclear fusion as an energy source was difficult. We didn't know how to control the energy. After, many experiments, we found a way.

What is nuclear fusion?

Nuclear fusion is the process of getting atomic nuclei to join together. Nuclear fusion produces energy by the sun. Inside the sun, there is hydrogen atoms that converts into helium. They released large amounts of energy. As to nuclear fission powers electricity generators. That means splitting atomic nuclear into tiny pieces.


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We use nuclear fusion because solar energy help us gets to where it can help create and sustain life.

The safety concerns and precautions when using nuclear fusion

We know that nuclear fusion produces a tremendous amount of energy. When there is too much of this energy, it could explode. Since this energy is store in the center of the sun getting it all the way to here, we had to do some crucial steps. While transporting the energy, we will use a special machine that is able to control the sun energy and capture the energy that we need.

Economic impact

During this process, we realize that the cost will be expensive. The energy rates will decrease because we are using solar energy. This is an advantage for the citizens. Soon conventional energy markets will decrease because renewable resource is a better choice. Renewable energy protects air, water, soil, flora and fauna from pollutants, saves resources and uses less land.