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Madras News: February 4, 2019, Lorraine Johnson, Principal

Upcoming Dates and Events

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Please bookmark this link on your computer, tablet, and/or phone until we can get everyone subscribed to our school's Google calendar. It will give you the most current information as we receive it, including any changes.

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Media Notes

Karen Pitts, Media Specialist

Madras hosted the Scholastic Book Fair workshop for the Coweta area last week. Numerous Library Media Specialists and Book Fair Chairpersons were invited to attend. The group listened to book talks on new releases and were given many strategies for running a successful Book Fair at all levels. The meeting proved to be an excellent opportunity for everyone to meet and share ideas.

Our Madras Middle School Book Fair will be held March 21-29 in your Library Media Center. Please mark your calendar and plan to volunteer during our Spring Book Fair.

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What Parents Need to Know about Vaping and JUULing

Vaping is becoming more and more popular among adolescents and teens, and it is important that parents understand the facts.

What is vaping and JUULing?

Vaping, also known as JUULing, is becoming more popular with youth in middle school and high school. Vaping means using an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or other vaping device. It is referred to as vaping because tiny puffs or clouds of vapor are produced when using the devices. E-cigarettes are battery powered and deliver nicotine through a liquid (called e-juice), which turns into a vapor when using the devices. The liquid comes in flavors, such as mint, fruit, and bubble gum, which appeal to kids. Youth often believe that the liquid used in vaping only contains water and flavoring and are unaware that it contains nicotine. Therefore, they may think vaping is less dangerous than using other tobacco products, such as cigarettes. The amount of nicotine in the liquid can be the same or even more than the amount found in cigarettes.

Many types of e-cigarettes are available, but one popular brand is JUUL. JUUL is becoming more prevalent with youth in middle and high school because of its small size, and it looks like a USB device. When using a JUUL it is often referred to as JUULing.

Vaping and JUULing are not safe for kids.

Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine, and no amount of nicotine is safe. Nicotine is very addictive and can harm children and teens’ developing brains. Using nicotine can cause problems with learning and attention and can lead to addiction. Even being around others who use e-cigarettes and breathing the cloud they exhale can expose youth to nicotine and chemicals that can be dangerous to their health. Studies have also shown that kids who vape are more likely to use cigarettes or other tobacco products later in life.

What can parents do?

It is important to talk with kids about the dangers of vaping. Youth see e-cigarette advertisements from many sources, including retail stores, the internet, TV, movies, magazines, and newspapers. They can also see posts or photos about vaping on social media. Parents should monitor screen time use and talk to their youth about what they may have seen or heard about vaping. Parents can also be role models and set a positive example by being tobacco free.

Resources for Parents:

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Thank you, Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Holmes, for all you do!

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Newnan High School Transition Information

Newnan High School has announced the following important dates for parents of eighth graders who will be attending the Home of the Cougars next year. This information has been included in the weekly parent newsletter, is announced and posted at school and can be found on our school’s online calendar for your convenience. Please make a note of these transition meetings for parents and students.

February 5th (NHS Staff visits 8th graders at Madras during the school day)

Purpose: to provide students with information on the following

  • CEC Opportunities
  • Athletics/NCAA Eligibility
  • Academics
  • Fine Arts
  • STEM

February 12th (Eighth Grade Transition Parent Meeting) 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Meeting Place: Main Cafeteria

What to Bring: Your registration forms (counselors will be on hand to answer questions)

Registration Forms Due to Madras by: Friday, March 1st.

Purpose: to inform parents on the following:

  • Course Descriptions
  • High School Requirements
  • Weighted Classes
  • HOPE Scholarship
  • Importance of GPA
  • Breakout Sessions (Athletics, STEM/AP, JROTC, Math/Science Curriculum Resources, Top Tier Schools)
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Northgate High School Transition Information

Northgate High School has announced the following important dates for parents of eighth graders who will be attending the Home of the Vikings next year. This information has been included in the weekly parent newsletter, is announced and posted at school and can be found on our school’s online calendar for your convenience. Please make a note of these transition meetings for parents and students.

February 5th (NGHS Staff visits 8th graders at Madras during the school day)

Purpose: to provide students with information on the following

  • CEC Opportunities
  • Athletics/NCAA Eligibility
  • Academics
  • Fine Arts
  • STEM

February 11th (Eighth Grade Parents Night, Upcoming Ninth Graders) 6:30 p.m.

Meeting Place: Main Cafeteria

Registration Forms Due to Madras by: Tuesday, Feb. 27


  • to provide parents detailed information about the registration process
  • to answer questions regarding high school registration
  • to provide an opportunity for students to participate in student led tours
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6th and 8th Scoliosis Screening is February 5th

From Nurse Kate Caswell

Dear Parent/Guardian,

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, Madras Middle School will conduct a scoliosis screening (grades 6 and 8) to identify students with signs of abnormal curvature of the spine. Two out of every 100 children may have scoliosis, but if this condition is detected early and is appropriately treated, progressive spine deformity can usually be prevented. The procedure for screening is a simple test. The screener (nurse or trained Health/PE teacher) looks at the child’s back in the standing position and while bending forward. Boys and girls are screened separately. Girls should wear a bra, sports bra, or bathing suit under their clothes on the day of screening.

If your child has a suspected curvature, you will be notified and asked to take your child to your family physician or orthopedic doctor for further evaluation. If you do not want your child to be screened, please complete the requested information below and return it to the school; otherwise, no action is needed.

Parent Letter

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NGHS Cheerleading Tryouts

From: Saray Frazier, Northgate High School Cheerleading Coach

If you are interested in trying our for the 2019-2020 NGHS Cheerleading Squad, please pick up your Northgate Football/Competition Cheerleading Tryout Packet in the Madras front office. The packet includes two sets of paperwork including cheer tryout paperwork and the school athletic paperwork. All paperwork is due back to Coach Frazier at Northgate February 12th. Tryouts will be February 26th through March 8th.

An informational meeting will be held in Coach Frazier's room 218 at Northgate on January 29th at 6:30 pm if you or your parents have any questions. You may also reach Coach Frazier at sarah.frazier@cowetaschools.net if you have any questions.

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8th Grade Semiformal is Friday, March 15th

The following letter is going home with students Jan. 28th and can be downloaded here.

View highlights from previous years

January 28, 2019

Dear Parents,

Each year we commemorate our eighth graders’ middle school experience with an eighth grade semi-formal dance which will be held this year on Friday, March 15th from 6:30-9:00 in the Madras cafeteria. This special event is for Madras students only and gives them an opportunity to socialize with their classmates while celebrating the end of their middle school tenure. The dance will be supervised by Madras administration and teachers, and local law enforcement will be present.

Dance tickets are $25.00 and include catered finger foods for dinner, drinks, snacks, and entertainment (DJ). This price also includes free pictures that can be downloaded by students after the dance. (Tickets will be sold February 4-March 8 during advisement and during lunch in the cafeteria.)

Below is the required dress code for the dance. Please note that the eighth grade dance is a semi-formal occasion and should be reflected in students’ attire.

Dress Code for Eighth Grade Dance

  1. Gentlemen may wear khakis, dress pants, a dress shirt, a jacket, and a tie.

  2. Ladies may wear a dress, skirt, blouse, or pants.

  3. Jeans are not permitted.

  4. Dresses and skirts must be mid-thigh. Any slits or other openings in the dress or skirt may not rise above mid-thigh.

  5. The top of the dress must have 2 straps (one on each side). “Spaghetti” straps, halters, and clear straps are all permitted.

  6. Backless dresses (dress must come to/cover the bra strap in the back), dresses with “cut-outs” openings in the midriff, and dresses with plunging necklines will not be permitted.

  7. Holes in khakis, dress pants, or shirts will not be permitted.

Though we are happy to provide social time for our eighth graders, we continue to hold high academic and behavioral expectations throughout the remainder of the year. We expect our students to represent Madras well and to adhere to the dress code; this is especially important since the dance is held on a weekend evening.

In order for your child to participate, he/she must sign and return the bottom portion of this letter, and payment must be received by Friday, March 8th. If you have any questions, please contact an administrator at 770-254-2744. It is our hope that every student will be able to attend


Eighth Grade Teachers and Administration

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The Flu Season is Here

It is currently influenza (‘flu”) season and Georgia and the United States are experiencing very high influenza activity. Influenza can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. To ensure the safety and health of students, parents and faculty, the Georgia Department of Public Health encourages everyone to know the signs and symptoms of influenza and the necessary steps to reduce the spread of illness.

The symptoms of flu can include:

  • Fever (although not everyone with flu has a fever)
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Body aches
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Tiredness
  • Sometimes diarrhea and vomiting

To limit the spread of influenza or other respiratory diseases:

  1. Flu vaccines are encouraged. The single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each fluseason. If influenza is circulating, it is a good time to get vaccinated!
  2. Take everyday preventive actions to stop the spread of germs.Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, orcough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow. Wash your hands often with soap and water. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Avoid close contact with sick people.
  3. Students should stay at home if they are ill.Those who get flu-like symptoms should stay home until at least 24 hours after they no longer have a fever or signs of a fever without the use of fever-reducing medicine.
  4. Clean and disinfect regularly and correctly during influenza season. Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are touched often.


https://dph.georgia.gov/public-health-districts https://www.cdc.gov/flu/school/index.htm https://www.cdc.gov/flu/school/guidance.htm https://www.cdc.gov/flu/school/cleaning.htm

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Yearbooks Are on Sale

Yearbooks for the 2018-2019 school year are on sale and can be purchased at the link below. Prices are as indicated, and eighth grade recognition ads can also be purchased once you are logged in by creating an account. If you have any questions, please contact bookkeeper Henry Dawkins at john.dawkins@cowetaschools.net. Yearbooks are given out the last week of school.

  • $45.00 – September 29 – February 22
  • $50.00 – February 23 – last day of school
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Madas Sky Zone Spirit Night, Friday, February 8th, 4-9 pm

We are getting excited for Sky Zone Spirit Night (Friday, February 8th)! Bring your kids and their friends for a fun-filled evening!

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The Eagles Will Host Evans Monday, February 4th and Arnall February 7th

The Eagles will host the Evans Cougars Monday, February 4th and Arnall Thursday, February 7th. These are the last two regular season home games of the season. The Lady Eagles will play at 4:30, and the boys' team plays following the conclusion of the girls' game. Students can stay after school until the game starts and will be supervised. Concessions will be sold including drinks and snacks. Cost of admission is $5.00. Parents should pick up their students no later than 6:45 behind the school at the football field. (No pick-ups in front of the school.) Go, Eagles!

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Box Tops are Back Second Semester!

by Jamie Bowne, PTSO Box Top Chair

January/February Contest

Deadline: Wednesday, Feb 13th

Reward: Homeroom Chick-Fil-a Breakfast

All Box Tops need to be turned in by the end of homeroom on Wednesday, February 13th. The Chick-fil-a breakfast will be in homeroom on a date chosen by the teacher. This contest will be a running total of the Box Tops submitted after the October contest to February 13, 2019.

March/April Contest

Deadline: Wednesday, April 10th

Reward: Skyzone Party for top 15 Contributors for the year

Turn in Box tops by Wednesday, April 10th to be eligible for an end of the year Skyzone Party. The top 15 contributors for the year will win a spot at the Skyzone party. All Box Tops need to be turned in by the end of homeroom on Wednesday, April 10th.This contest will be cumulative for the entire school year.

Box Tops can be submitted by students to homeroom teacher in a plastic bag, envelope or taped to a collection sheet.

Be sure to label collection sheet(s) or baggie with student’s name & homeroom teacher to obtain credit.

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PTO: Join the Team!

Amy Brandon, PTO President

Welcome to Madras! The purpose of our PTO is to help improve our school by combining the efforts of parents, students, and teachers.

We invite you to join PTO to help make our school a better place to work and learn! Our fundraising efforts have benefited a variety of projects in the past including school building improvements, teacher instructional requests, equipment for the fine arts department, instructional technology purchases, and athletic programs.

This year, one of our major goals is to raise enough funds to purchase an electronic sign in front of the school to replace the old signage. We didn't quite reach this goal last year but are hoping to earn enough early this year to update it. We ask that each family join PTO with a $12.00 (or more if you choose) contribution. You can join and pay directly online by clicking the ONLINE MEMBERSHIP (You can also send a check with your child to the homeroom teacher or to the front office. Checks should be made payable to Madras PTO.)

We also need your volunteer time! If you are interested in assisting with any of the areas below, please select from the choices on the online form. You will be contacted as the events take place. There are many opportunities to serve:

  • Hospitality Committee - Teachers' Luncheons and Special Events
  • Box Tops
  • School Store - helping in the store 8:00-8:30 AM on a rotational basis
  • Membership
  • Snack n Chat (monthly)
  • Media Center (1-2 hrs per week)
  • Battle of the Books
  • Book Fair - Fall and Spring
  • Scoliosis Screening - one time event
  • School Pictures
  • Lamination/Copies for teachers
  • 8th Grade Dance Setup
  • Special Event Assistance
  • PTSO Board

MMS PTO Annual Project: Electronic Sign in Front of the School

If you wish to make a donation to this project, please send it in with your child address to the MMS PTO. Contact Amy Brandon at amysbrandon97@gmail.com with any questions.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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Parent Letter Archives

All school-wide parent letters that are sent home with students are archived on Eagles Notes for your convenience.

Safety Letter (8-6-18)

Health Alert (8-6-18)

Open House Letter (8-7-18)

Affidavit Letter (10-15-18)

Parent Symposium Letter (10-22-18)

Symposium Flyer (10-22-18)

Veterans Day Assembly Letter (11-2-18)

Inclement Weather Protocol Letter (11-2-18)

8th Grade Career Expo Field Trip Letter (1-7-19)

7th Grade College and Career Academy Field trip Letter (1-8-19)

Scoliosis Letter, 6th and 8th Grades (1-14-19)

High School Transition Information (1-15-19)

8th Grade Semiformal Letter (1-28-19)

Parent Letter (1-28-19)

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