Very Exciting Oppertunity


From now till June 25th, for every $50.00 you spend on product, I will give you $10.00 in FREE PRODUCT!! You don't want to spend $50.00?, that is fine too, how about $5.00 FREE if you spend $25.00. Call me or Text me, we can make ANYTHING work to help you have AMAZING SKIN!

Contact Me! Christy Wilcox 936-349-2688 or

About My Mary Kay Buisness

I joined Mary Kay a little over 3 months ago. I did not begin this to make $, but to help others feel BEAUTIFUL. I rarely sell product at retail price, and NO ONE can say a word to me about it, because it is MY BUSINESS. God has blessed me with customers and I give HIM the glory for any success I have. If you would like to chat, have a glass of tea, and end up feeling like the BEAUTY God created you to be, contact me and lets schedule a facial. FYI I say FEELING like the beauty, because we all get so busy and run down, that we forget that we are BEAUTIFULLY MADE!