Kyogle High School

Welcome to Term 1 2016


Welcome back to 'old staff' and a warm welcome to our new staff.

2016 will be a busy year with the obvious focus on our strategic directions: Excellence in Teaching, Excellence in Learning and Excellence in Leading. Everything we do within our profession this year should be underpinned by these strategic directions. I believe that the presentations by Peter Campbell and Graeme Ross certainly set the scene for 2016 and beyond.

Staff get together

On Friday 19 February, Dave and I have rented a house 2 doors up from the Kyogle Motel. We will be having drinks and a basic BBQ - all are welcome! Great chance to have a social occasion and welcome the new staff.....There is a big backyard and plenty of parking either in the lane way behind the house or along Summerland Way. Closer to the date we will get an indication of numbers for catering purposes.
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Professional Learning

As a Principal, I too am on a journey of improvement. In 2014-2015 I enrolled in a Masters of Education through SCU. My Research Project was entitled "Teachers' attitude to using data to inform Professional Development needs". Yes, it was a dry topic but through researching and writing the literature review, I not only reflected but also learnt so much about the available data in schools that we tend to not use for a whole variety of reasons. It is important however to remember that schools are a place of learning for BOTH teachers and students.

Professional Learning Plans (PLPs) are an essential component of our growth as professionals regardless of where we are at in our teaching career. PDPs are no longer pieces of paper that we do as a 'one off' and don't think about until the review at the end of the year. Today's PLPs are live dynamic documents where the goals are negotiated with supervisors to ensure they reflect both your professional and personal goals yet are inline with the needs of the school as articulated in the School Plan. At the first staff meeting, I will be presenting on the expectations of the PDPs and offering advice on what they could look like and a timeline to follow for the year to ensure they support your professional journey.

Geoff Masters is a strong advocate of high quality leadership and effective classroom teaching if our schools to improve student learning outcomes. If you click on the link below, you will be directed to Master's article - just click on the 'view item' and you will be taken to the article.

Professional Expectations

Could all staff please follow the following expectations:

1. Please be punctual to class. We have an expectation that students must be to class on time therefore we need to set the example.

2. Do not let students out of class unless it is absolutely necessary. Restrict toilet breaks and going and filling up drink bottles - if there is an exception and a student really does need to go to the toilet, please make sure they have a note and you monitor the time they are absent from class. If a student has a medical problem and needs to use the toilet frequently or needs to eat/drink, they will have a laminated pass from the DP. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE CLASSES ALLOWED A BREAK DURING A DOUBLE.

3. If any staff member needs to leave the school during the day, including recess/lunch, the Front Office must be informed. This is an OH&S compliance issue as if you are absent from the school and there is a lock down or lock out and you are missing, lives may be placed at risk looking for you within the school.

Thank you to our patient timetablers....

Thank you to Glenn, Susan, Dave and the help of Joe, for the timetable. Thank you to all staff for your patience and willingness to be flexible as we strive to get it right!!!!

Tuesday Meetings

Every second Tuesday is meeting time. Please ensure you avoid making appointments on Weeks 3,5,7,9 Tuesday each term as these are important meetings.

Term 1

Week 3 - whole staff meeting. This will focus on PDPs and the School Plan.

Week 5 - Committee Meetings. Make sure you have seen Dave and you are on a Committee

Week 7 - Faculty Meeting. This does not replace your regular faculty meeting time. What this provides is the opportunity to do structured activities specific for your faculty eg: PDPs

Week 9 - Whole Staff Meeting.

Whole School Responsibilities - Expression of Interest

1. Girls Adviser

This is a paid position and there will be whole day allocations (instead of a period allowance) as needed. The successful applicant is responsible for coordination of vaccinations, running meeting for girls as needed etc.


This is the Anti Racism officer position. Training for this is completed online.

3. Work Health and Safety Committee

Staff to nominate to be part of this important committee within the school. In 2016, regular meetings will be scheduled and other meetings called as needed.

4. Federation Representative and Woman's Adviser - this will be conducted with a Federation Meeting called specifically to elect people to these positions. Only member of the Federation have voting rights. Meeting will be held recess Thursday 4 February Room 2.