Happy Mother's Day!

May 6 - May 10

Mothers Can Do Anything

This week, we focused on creating gifts for our Mothers. We started off with a survey about each child's mother and turned their answers into a card for all of the Moms. We also created thumbprint key chains, flowers out of cupcake cups, glitter, sequins, and puff balls, and finally we ended the week with "Muffins with Mom". We also read two great books about Moms and how they are so important to us! We read "Mommy Mine" by Tim Warnes and "Mothers Can Do Anything" by Joe Lasker. We enjoyed these books so much!

Mystery Reader

This week Aspen's Dad, Rob, came and read to our class. He read us three awesome books. On Rob's recording, He said that his daughter wakes up early in the morning and watches the "Doodle Bops". Aspen immediately knew that she was the one he was talking about. She really loved having her Daddy there!

There's A Spider On The Floor!

We have been singing a new song this week that is about a spider crawling up your body. We like to act it out with our plastic spiders in the room!
Spider on the Floor

Sidewalk paint

We made some sidewalk paint this week and painted our bike track. We noticed that when our paint dried, it felt like chalk! We just used water, cornstarch (2:1), and food coloring. Super easy and so very fun!

High School Helpers

This was the last week for our High School Helpers to come, so we had an ice cream party for them and made them some gifts to show them our thanks!

Professional Development Day

Tuesday, May 14th, 8am-3:30pm

614 Mill Street

Belton, MO

We are having a professional development day next Tuesday. The meeting will not be held in the building, so there will only be substitute teachers in the whole building. We will be leaving extensive instructions, but we will not be with the kids on Tuesday.

Have a fantastic weekend!