For Children:)

Iceez Stikeez

Ickee are these min monsters that you can play for a example you can flick them, you can stick them to anything but papper, you can make them as jewally, muiplay together AND put it on top of a pen these so much you can do with these iceez
Ickee Stikeez® invasion is here!

The Iceez

There are 22 different iceez and if you get all of them you can this one big iceez which put on of the little monsters inside the age for this icee's are 5 to 9 year olds here a video to give you more information about it

The Dragon Den

We have been in the dragon den but sadly we didn't made it because the we had diffrent companys to some people... Btw The By Fake Dragon's Den

How Much They Cost

Iceez cost about 99p which is quite cheap plus you get 2 in a pack also you get 20 all to together so that will be £20