SMS Scoop

September 15, 2017

NWEA MAP: Next Steps for SMS

Congratulations on finishing your first ever round of NWEA MAP testing! Attendance was HIGH. Persistence was STRONG. You demonstrated a very impressive and serious approach to our challenge. Bravo! Our next step is to analyze our performances in the Language Conventions, Math, and Reading assessments. Teachers will focus on NWEA reporting during our Late Start meeting next Wednesday morning. We'll do three things:

  1. Learn how to access and read results reports.
  2. Plan data conversations with students
  3. Identify immediate remediation needs.

We'll share more about our plans in next week's Scoop!


All SCSD2 schools will be on a two-hour delay schedule to allow all teachers to participate in data analysis from our first benchmark tests (STAR for K-5 and NWEA for 6-12). School will start at 10:05 that morning. Buses will run normal routes but they will be two hours later. SMS will open at 7:00 AM (and serve breakfast) for any student that has to be dropped off by a parent heading to work. Students that arrive early will wait in the Great Room and should bring something to read. All classes will meet that day on a shortened schedule. After school activities will be held as usual.

iPad Replacement Costs

We are very thankful that we have brand new iPad 5th generation devices, brand new Otterbox covers, and brand new chargers! Please protect our equipment so that it works for you and others for the next several years. Unlike last year, we will not be selling Otterbox covers to students. We do not have the ability to order them individually. If you lose your cover, you will be required to pay for an entire new Otterbox at the end of the year. If your Otterbox cover breaks, bring all of the pieces to the office and we will send it to Otterbox for a warranty replacement.

Here is a rundown on the actual replacement/repair costs for our equipment.

iPad - $299

Otterbox - $30

Charger Box - $12

Charger Cord - $12

Be repsonsible. Take good care of your tech equipment!

Picture Day September 26th

Picture Day is Tuesday, September 26th! We'll need you to bring your best face to school that day!

Picture order forms will be sent home with students on Monday so families will have a week to decide whether or not they want to order photos. Regardless of one's interest in buying pictures, all SMS students and staff will be asked to sit for a picture. These pictures will be used for our school yearbook so we want a photo of everyone!!

Parents/guardians that want to purchase a picture package can do so one of three ways.

  • Complete the order form and have your student return it to the photographer with money on picture day.
  • Order online via the Lifetouch link on the main page of the SMS website. The link will be active Monday and will remain available until the day after picture day.
  • Order nothing now and wait and see. Students that do not order packages will get a small proof set with info about late ordering through the company,

Picture Retake Day is Thursday, November 16th for any student that is absent on September 26th. SMS Yearbooks will be available for sale in May.

Drama, Drama, Drama (The Good Kind)

If you like the good kind of drama, pay attention! SMS Drama will present the production "Bad Ideas for Bad Television Shows" on Friday, November 17th and we need a few good men and women to act, stage manage, do makeup, run lighting and build sets Practices will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until 4:15. Come show off your talents and be a part of a fun and funNY play!

Anyone interested in drama should plan to try out on ONE of the tryout days next Tuesday OR Thursday, September 19th and 21st, from 3-4:15 in Mrs. Zeigenbein's room (703).

Growth Mindset

We've got another HR discussion task for today! Take five minutes and make a list of all the things your homeroom members want to get better at doing. What areas do you want to improve? Don't limit yourself to school. Think big picture. Running faster. Improved clarinet play. Better score on Call of Duty. We'll use this list next week! Hang on to it! (If you don't have time today, you can make your list next week!)

School Improvement Plan

SMS submitted our revised school improvement plan to the Indiana Department of Education this week. Our short term goals and strategies are:

1) Pass ELA ISTEP+ at 75% or higher

  • 275 min. per week of standards-based instruction
  • URead Book Challenge
  • Study Island and DOL practices
  • NWEA data to create remediation groups
  • NWEA learning continuum to identify skill gaps
2) Pass Math ISTEP+ at 60% or higher

  • 275 min. per week of standards-based instruction
  • Study Island and Accelerated Math practice
  • Research new materials to support home learning opportunities
  • NWEA data to create remediation groups
  • NWEA learning continuum to identify skill gaps
3) Attendance rate at 96.5% or higher

  • Continue parent notification at 4th and 7th absence
  • Attendance Review Board meetings at 10th absence to plan support
  • Increase team/wing bonding to improve climate for disconnected students
  • Create semester 2 attendance incentive program

We are excited to continue working on these goals!

Next Week...

Mon. Sep. 18: B day, Spell Bowl, Yearbook, Science Olympiad, Soccer @ Southwestern, 6/7/8 Volleyball @ Southwestern

Tue. Sep. 19: A day, Robotics, Drama Tryouts #1, Pep Club Hawaiian Night, Tennis v. Highland Hills, 7/8 Volleyball v. Madison, Football v. North Harrison (8th grade night)

Wed. Sep. 20: B day, 10:05 LATE START, Spell Bowl, Science Olympiad, Builders' Club Board, Soccer @ North Harrison

Thu. Sep. 21: A day, Drama Tryouts #2, Pep Club Purple Out, 6/7/8 Volleyball v. Austin, Tennis @ Austin, CC @ Jennings County

Fri. Sept. 22: B day, Stu Co Officers Workshop in Indy

Sat. Sept. 23: 7/8 Volleyball @ Salem