Education In Sweden

By: Jaiden, Alaina, Mckenzie

Sweden vs. United States

Have you ever wondered about education in different countries around the world? Some things are quite interesting. There are many differences between the United States and Sweden, some you might like and others not so much. We want to know about education in Sweden so we can have a better understanding of why they are doing better on academic tests than us and how we can change that.


Are you sick of coming home with a lot of homework? Sweden doesn't have that problem. The Sweden high school board believes that everything should be done during school so that the students have time to study at home. If you haven't noticed yet, the schools in America tend to give a lot of homework, at least 1 hour every night.

School Hours

Sweden goes to school an hour longer than the average school day in the United States. Sweden schools usually start at 8am to 4:30pm. Even though they stay later than we do, they are able to sleep in a little bit longer. Could it be possible that sleeping in gives them better scores on academic tests?
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Students here in the U.S. usually start school in kindergarten at age 5-18, where as in Sweden they go to school from ages 7-16. Which means that kids in America start learning things sooner than kids in Sweden. I think many people would like to start there kids out earlier because it is usually easier for the parents work hours.


Here in America the grading system is A-Outstanding, B-Good, C-Satisfactory, D-Poor, F-Fail. The grading scale in Sweden is A-Exemplary B-Excellent, C-Good, D-Adequate, E-Acceptable, F-Fail/Not pass. Until 1996 relative grades on the scale 1-5 were used, with 5 being the highest grade. In the U.S. Kindergarten through 4th grade has numbers 1-4 with 4 being the highest. That is just a small difference between the 2 countries.


Have you ever asked your parents how much they pay for you to have a good education? Some schools are very expensive. In Sweden you don't have to pay for your schooling Because it is free, unless you are going to a nursery school and even then the government helps out a little bit. Unlike in America, schooling is required and is not free, you have to pay for books, dorm, food, ect.
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Is Sweden Better?

After researching the United States and Sweden, it really shows the difference between the two education systems, and how the United States is falling behind Sweden and many other countries. It shows how America needs to step up there education and change the way they do some things.

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