Dating in Iran

By Sophia and Emma

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Roles, Functions, and Rituals

-Because Iran has Sharia law that make informal dating illegal, dating can only happen when you are already married

-In Iran, they have a custom called "Khastegari", which is when the couple in an arranged marriage meet for the first time

-In this custom, the families that arrange the marriage come to an agreement on the "Mehrieh" which is ho much money the man should pay to the woman if the marriage doesn't work out

-When they are officially engaged after Khastegari, they are in a period called "Namzadi"

-After this short period, they marry and start to have kids

-In their customs, the male and his family initiate everything

-In more open-minded families, this process takes longer, so the two can get to know each other better

-Nowadays, many arranged marriages start from the Internet, as online dating isn't illegal

-Even though dating is illegal, many people date in private

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In Iran, public dating is illegal, but it is still embraced by the people. Oftentimes young Iranians meet in secret. Unlike in America, they get engaged before they say they are dating. It's different because there are no dating restrictions in the U.S. or arranged marriages, but in Iran they are commonplace. Also, places schools and some public places are segregated by sex. Although in both countries, the man typically initiates dating and marriage.
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