Mrs. Bryer's Newsletter

February 25, 2013

PTO Rodeo

The PTO Rodeo is fast approaching! This is a day of family fun and a fundraiser for our school. Please plan to come out and spend the day. There will be games and crafts, great food, a silent auction, and much more. Please plan to bring the family. Watch the folder for information regarding Rodeo details.


Our library day is Monday. Please help your child remember their library book so that they can check out a new book. If we do not have school on Monday please send it Tuesday. We can typically squeeze in to at least check out books.

Friday is our Healthy Heart Jog day, generally. Please remember to send a water bottle to help your child rehydrate. We are able to get to the water fountain twice in the day but it does not amount to a lot. With the warmer weather approaching, children will require even more water to hydrate. If you would like to donate a case of small water bottles to have on reserve in the classroom that would be helpful. It will allow those children that forget to have water also.

Please check your child's daily folder every night. Some of the folders are falling apart because they are becoming packed with accumulated papers. Also, be aware of what is on the calendar. I try to keep important dates marked to help you plan ahead.

Remember, homework is checked on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To earn lunch in the classroom for a month of completed homework, it has to be completed on time.

March Homework

For the month of March we are going to work on fluency. Fluency is the rate and accuracy at which one does something. There will be a paper stapled in your child's folder later this week. It has several levels of practice. Every child should start with level 1. When they are able to reach the goal twice, then move to the next level. Fluency of letters and sounds is very important in the acquisition of reading and writing.

Along with the explanation sheet there will be a manila record book. This is for you and your child to record their work. Please leave it in the folder when you are not working with it. I will check it on Tuesdays and Thursdays and return it to the folder. If you have any questions, please let me know.