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You are making a difference

Lion Nation,

It is hard to get the truth out of teenagers, especially when it comes to school. One of the perks of being in the cafeteria for several hours a day (insert sarcastic laugh) is listening to the conversations students are having about the adults in the building.

Here are some of the specific comments I heard last week, names have been omitted to protect the egos from swelling:

"He/she is hard, but is fair..."

"I hate him/her most days and my parents love him/her."

"She/he is always on me about being tardy, so I can't be late."

"If weren't for him/her, I would have dropped out already."

"They love me more than my own parents."

" He/she tells me he/she loves me and actually means it."

At the end of day all of the sound pedagogy, technology standards, and holding kids accountable doesn't matter without each student knowing that we care about them. Simple and effective but so easy to forget with all of the other stuff.

Have a great week.


The McKinney High School

We are the original, the beacon, the bridge between the past and the future for the city of McKinney.
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Nuts & Bolts Reminders

  • Please help on the student traffic in the hallway. Make sure your students have a blue or yellow hallway pass. If you need a replacement, see Ms. Cope.
  • If you see students congregating around the flex spaces during lunches, help us clear those areas out.

Sweepstakes Singing

Congratulations are in order for the MHS Choir Department who attended UIL Concert and Sight Reading April 12th and 13th. All five competing choirs represented MHS in Lion Pride fashion. Special shout out to our three Varsity Choirs who in one day brought home three coveted sweepstakes trophies. Kudos!

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Girls Golf Tee Up for State

The girls golf team played in the regional golf tournament Wednesday and Thursday in Rockwall. The girls finished in 2nd place and have punched their ticket to play in the State Golf Tournament in Austin April 25 and 26. Please congratulate Lindy Patterson, Brittany Bruce, Kalie Currin, Maddie LaLonde and Maddy Cox and wish them “Good Luck" at the state tournament at the end of the month.

Foreign Language Competition

Please congratulate the following students for their great participation in the foreign language competition held at Texas A&M Commerce .

  • Daniel Vasquez - 1st place in Spanish memorized poetry
  • Andrew Bellah - 2nd place in advanced Spanish fluency
  • Nahomi Ramirez – 3rd place in Spanish memorized prose
  • Emma Shields - 2nd place in Spanish memorized prose, 2nd place in sight reading and 5th in advanced fluency
  • Kevin Morales - 5th in memorized prose
  • Jacqueline Mora - 3rd in memorized poetry

Raising Autism Awareness

The Technology Student Association (TSA) partners with students with Autism to raise $1000 for Special Olympics.

Pictured from left to right: APE Coach/Special Olympics Coordinator - Janice Morris , TSA Vice President - Gillian Ryan, TSA President - Alex Macias, TSA Treasurer - William Slater

Did you know that our journalism program is top notch?

While the journalism group was in Austin, the 2015 Lion Yearbook was busy

in California receiving the Pacemaker award from the National Scholastic

Press Association at their national convention in Los Angeles. The

Pacemaker is the top award a scholastic journalistic entity can possibly


Meanwhile in Austin, the Lions won a Gold Star at the UIL's Interscholastic

League Press Conference. In addition, both MHS1 and

received Bronze Stars.

Yearbook Individual Achievement Awards

2nd Place Theme - Staff

1st Place Theme Copy and Captions - Amelia Kinsinger

1st Place Captions - Nicole Stuessy (Top in Texas)

HM Headlines - Nicole Stuessy

1st Place Tribute Ad Spread - Anne Penprase

2nd Place Feature Spread - Amelia Kinsinger

1st Place Student Life Spread - Lauren Anderson, Colin Mitchell, Nicole


3rd Place Student Life Spread - Alex Contreras, David Funes, Kendra Murphy

1st Place Sports Spread - Nicole Stuessy, Kendra Murphy

2nd Place Academic Spread - Lauren Anderson, Jacob Frazier

HM Academic Spread - Nicole Stuessy, Elizabeth Bruce

1st Place Class Spread - Lindsay Martin (Tops in Texas)

3rd Place Class Spread - Steven Kent

1st Place Clubs Spread - Nicole Oesterreicher, Colin Mitchell (Top in


3rd Place Clubs Spread - Nicole Oesterreicher, Steven Kent

3rd Place Multitopic Spread - Nicole Oesterreicher

HM Secondary Coverage - Nicole Oesterreicher

HM Student Life Story - Nicole Stuessy

2nd Place Academic Story - Jacob Frazier

2nd Place Sports Story - Colin Mitchell, Nathan Roberts

HM Sports Story - Elizabeth Bruce

1st Place Clubs Story - Kendra Murphy

1st Place Personality Profile - Nicole Stuessy

HM Personality Profile - Jacob Frazier

2nd Place Sports Action Photo - Colin Mitchell

3rd Place Sports Feature Photo - Colin Mitchell

3rd Place Academic Photo - Giovanni Sabala

3rd Place Club Photo - Giovanni Sabala

HM Portrait - Steven Kent

HM Portrait - Giovanni Sabala

3rd Place Photo Portfolio - David Funes

Current Year Yearbook Individual Achievement Awards

2nd Place Feature Spread - Staff

1st Place Sports Spread - Staff

2nd Place Academic Spread - Nicole Oesterreicher

3rd Place Class Section Spread - Staff

1st Place Clubs Spread - Staff

1st Place Multi-Topic Spread - Staff

1st Place Story - Nicole Stuessy

1st Place Photo Portfolio - David Funes, Ulises Velez

Online Newspaper Individual Achievement Awards

2nd Place News Writing - Nicole Stuessy

HM News Feature - Neelam Bohra

3rd Place Editorial - Johnny Millar

HM Editorial - Udani Satarasinghe

HM Sports Feature - Udani Satarasinghe

3rd Place Feature - Udani Satarasinghe

1st Place Photo Slideshow - Ulises Velez

2nd Place Photo Slideshow - David Funes

HM Personal Opinion Column - Neelam Bohra

3rd Place In-Depth News/Feature Package - Johnny Millar, Neelam Bohra,

Kiley Tauber, David Funes

1st Place Multimedia Package - Neelam Bohra, David Funes, Kiley Tauber,

Johnny Millar

3rd Place Multimedia Package - Nicole Stuessy, Ulises Velez, Brandon

Fangio, Alex Moltz

HM General News Photo - David Funes

3rd Place Entertainment Photo - Chelsea Salinas

HM Sports Feature Photo - Ulises Velez

HM Headlines - Staff

Broadcasting Individual Achievement Awards

3rd Place General News Story - Johnny Millar, Shelshy Villarreal

HM Broadcast Writing - Johnny Millar, Shelshy Villarreal

HM Sports Feature Story - Allison Doran, Wilson Galvan, Maddy Cox

2nd Place Graphics - Landry Amick, Andrew Judd, Sam Turner

3rd Place Promotion/Commercial - Allison Doran, Kiley Tauber, Maddy Cox

HM Videography - Johnny Millar, Yoki Ongwela

McKinney HS Engineering Students consider career in Mining.

McKinney High School 2016 Technology Student Association (TSA) State Results:

(National Qualifier) System Control Technology - 1st Place: David Lehinger, Alex Lehocky, Mitch Palmer

(National Qualifier) Biotechnology – 3rd Place: Parker Brooks, Alexandra Macias, Wasi Moin, Kyle Myscich

Metals (under 800 lbs) – 1st Place: William Slater

Rocket (Student Built) – 1st Place: William Slater

Rocket (Kit Built) – 1st Place: Eric Beights

Rocket (Kit) – 2nd Place: Kathryn Lehocky

Soapbox Derby “Shop Built” – 2nd Place: Eric Beights, Harrison Chilton, James Halderman, Matthew Juliano, Gillian Ryan (Driver)

Catapult – 2nd Place: Kathryn Lehocky, Alex Lehocky, Mitch Palmer, William Slater

Rocket (Student Built) – 3rd Dillian Ruff

Rocket (Kit) – 3rd Place: Alex Lehocky

Animatronics – 4th Place: Abigail Stallbaumer, Michael Stallbaumer

Music Production – 5th Place: Jon “Parker” Brooks

Career Preparation – Semi-finalist: Lesli Romero

Chapter Team Semi-finalist: Logan Davis, Alexandra Macias, Gillian Ryan, Shayla Sexton, William Slater, Cole South

Video Game Design – Semi-finalist: Veronica Maldonado, Lesli Romero, Michael Smolen

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Student Events

4/18 Tennis Varsity Regional Tournament @ 8:00 am (Away)

4/18 Yoga Club, K100 @ 2:40 pm

4/19 Key Club / FIFA Fundraiser, Upstairs Flex Space @ 3:00 pm

4/19 Baseball vs. Prosper @ 7:30 pm (Home)

4/19 Softball vs. Prosper @ 7:00 pm (Home)

4/20 Key Club, Downstairs Flex Space @ 2:30 pm

4/21 Track & Field District 9 & 10 5A track meet @ 8:00 am (Away)

4/21 Jesus Christ Movement Club, Choir Room @ 2:30 pm

4/21 Wrestling Club, M211 @ 6:00 pm

4/22 Baseball vs. Lovejoy @ 7:30 pm (Away)

4/22 Softball vs. Lovejoy @ 7:00 pm (Away)

Testing Time!

Teachers, next Monday during your conference time you will get the latest testing training installment. The location is TBD, enjoy!
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History in the Making

The McKinney Marquettes and MHS dance department proudly present History in the Making, a dancing and talent tribute to the historical moments that make up our lives. There will be three shows. These shows will be Friday night April 22nd at 7:00 pm, Saturday, April 23rd at 2 pm and 7 pm. Tickets are $10 pre-sale and $15 at the door. Student tickets are $7. Tickets can be purchased via our website at under the spring show tab or at all lunches next week. You can also purchase tickets from Amy Neely or Addrianne Stephens. For more information, please contact Amy Neely at We can’t wait to see you there.

A unique opportunity

Starting in the Fall of 2016, MISD will now offer additional PSAT, SAT and ACT practice opportunities for our juniors who scored in the top 10 % at the October 2015 PSAT ( Fall semester) and to all high school students during the Spring semester 2017.

MISD is looking for two to three teachers to offer this at each campus for a total of up to six teachers. With this offer comes PD / curriculum training during half a day in May as well as additional training throughout the year during district PD days.

Should you be interested in teaching these after school classes, please apply using this form and submit ASAP.

Upcoming Events

Worth Reading

As we gear up for another round of testing, we need to have these conversations.


There is a new link/form for announcements. All announcements should be submitted to the link below by 8:00 on the day you need the announcement. If the link does not work, email:

This Week's Birthdays

  • 4/18 Shenglin Selinger
  • 4/23 Ana Brown